Restaurant’s Unique Measuring Unit Sparks Online Debate

An ‘X’ user recently had an unexpected surprise while ordering Biryani from a popular food delivery app. Going by the name ‘Monarch,’ this user took to a microblogging platform to share their astonishment at a peculiar ‘measuring unit’ employed by a local restaurant.

In the screenshot posted by ‘Monarch,’ the unit of measurement for Biryani was listed as ‘Bachelor.’ This unconventional choice has left the online community both amused and puzzled. Some found humor in the restaurant’s creative approach, while others were genuinely surprised by this unconventional use of a measuring unit.

Chicken Biryani with a Twist

The dish in question, priced at Rs 284, is labeled as the ‘Special Masala Chicken Biryani (Bachelor).’ However, it’s important to note that this Biryani isn’t any different from the traditional chicken masala Biryani – except for the rather unusual measuring unit.

“When did we become a measuring unit?”


The screenshot shared by ‘Monarch’ prompted a flurry of reactions from social media users. Some users found humor in the situation, with one saying, “linguistics in the wild!” Another user joked, “They need to be specific. Is it meant for a bachelor, or was the chicken involved in the preparation, a bachelor?”

Defending the Unique Measurement

While the choice of ‘Bachelor’ as a measuring unit for Biryani may seem unconventional, some users came to the restaurant’s defense. One user humorously commented, “In their defense, it sounds better than food for a single person 😬.”

Another user pointed out the uniqueness of the food industry’s approach compared to other industries. They tweeted, “The food industry respects its patrons. Unlike the real estate industry.”

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

The online community continued to share their thoughts on this unusual measuring unit. Some users speculated about whether certain societies would permit the delivery of this Biryani labeled for ‘bachelors’ only. Others simply celebrated the novelty of the concept, calling it a “banger.”

One user raised intriguing questions, asking, “Is this in Bangalore, and does it have more quantities than what’s otherwise expected?”

Another user injected humor into the conversation by saying, “I would like to see the bachelorette portion,” accompanied by a link to a related tweet.

A Thought-Provoking Quote

The discussion about this unique measuring unit for Biryani prompted one user to share a thought-provoking quote: “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” This quote, known as Goodhart’s Law, sparked further contemplation among netizens.

While the ‘Bachelor’ measuring unit for Biryani may have started as an amusing and unconventional choice, it has certainly sparked a lively debate online, showcasing the power of social media to turn everyday occurrences into trending topics.

What’s Your Take?

What are your thoughts on this restaurant’s choice of ‘Bachelor’ as a measuring unit for Biryani? Do you find it amusing, or do you think it’s a bit too unconventional for your taste? Join the conversation on social media and share your perspective.

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