Ezra Miller's Flash vs. Grant Gustin


The clash between Ezra Miller’s Flash and Grant Gustin’s Flash has sparked excitement among fans. In this article, we will delve into the hypothetical battle between these two iconic speedsters and analyze various aspects to determine who might come out on top. By comparing their travel speed, combat/reaction speed, durability, striking power, and fighting prowess, we aim to shed light on this thrilling matchup.

Travel Speed

When it comes to speed, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen has showcased impressive feats. In the latest season of The Flash, he confirmed his top speed to be approximately 8,370,000 miles per hour, surpassing Mach 10,908. On the other hand, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, as seen in the Justice League film, displayed being slightly faster than Henry Cavill’s Superman, who reached a recorded speed of Mach 27.5 in the DCEU. However, it’s important to note that Ezra’s Flash is still inexperienced, and his speed may evolve in future appearances. For now, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen takes the lead in terms of raw speed.

Combat/Reaction Speed

When it comes to combat and reaction speed, both speedsters have showcased impressive abilities. Grant Gustin’s Flash demonstrated exceptional combat speed when he entered flashtime and froze Cicada, displaying precise control over his powers. On the other hand, Ezra Miller’s Flash showcased impressive agility and reflexes when he dodged a plasma blast from a parademon. While Grant Gustin’s Flash exhibits a slight edge in combat speed due to his experience and mastery of his powers, Ezra Miller’s Flash has the potential to grow and improve in this aspect.


Durability is a critical factor in determining a speedster’s resilience. Ezra Miller’s Flash displayed notable durability when he endured being thrown into a pillar by Steppenwolf, a formidable opponent with extraordinary strength. On the other hand, Grant Gustin’s Flash showcased resilience when he collided with an object at a staggering speed of 837 mph and only suffered a broken wrist. Grant’s Flash wins in the durability category, as his feat highlights his ability to withstand powerful impacts.

Striking Power

In terms of striking power, there are intriguing differences between the two speedsters. Director Zack Snyder mentioned that in The Flash’s fight with Superman, the Flash could theoretically punch at the speed of light, although he refrained from doing so. While this statement isn’t backed by an actual feat, it adds an intriguing dimension to the Flash’s potential striking power. On the other hand, Grant Gustin’s Flash displayed impressive striking power when he destroyed Devoe’s satellite in Season 4. While Grant’s Flash showcased a remarkable feat, Ezra Miller’s Flash potentially possesses unmatched striking power, assuming he can tap into the speed of light as mentioned by the director.

Fighting Prowess

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat skill, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen likely holds an advantage. With years of experience as the Flash and numerous encounters with formidable foes, Grant’s Flash has honed his fighting prowess. Conversely, Ezra Miller’s Flash is portrayed as relatively inexperienced in the DCEU, which suggests that his hand-to-hand combat skills may be less refined. Thus, in terms of fighting prowess, Grant Gustin’s Flash has the upper hand.


In this comparison between Ezra Miller’s Flash and Grant Gustin’s Flash, both speedsters showcase remarkable abilities and strengths. Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen possesses exceptional travel speed, combat/reaction speed, durability, and fighting prowess. Meanwhile, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen exhibits potential for immense speed and striking power, although he still has room to grow and gain experience. Ultimately, while Grant Gustin’s Flash dominates in several categories, Ezra Miller’s Flash offers an intriguing potential that could develop further in future DCEU appearances.

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