Celebrity Actress Mouni Roy’s Parisian Birthday Celebration

Renowned TV and Bollywood actress Mouni Roy, known for her stellar performances in hits like ‘Naagin’ and ‘Brahmastra,’ opted for the romantic allure of Paris to celebrate her birthday. Instead of following the typical touristy itinerary, Mouni embraced an immersive Parisian experience by choosing to stay at a charming Airbnb home. This decision allowed her to live like a local, experience the essence of Parisian culture, and explore the city’s charm firsthand while enjoying the utmost comfort and relaxation.

Mouni delighted her Instagram followers with a captivating reel showcasing her stylish Airbnb accommodation, providing a glimpse into her Parisian getaway. Nestled in the elegant 8th arrondissement, her Airbnb is situated within a classic Haussmannian building on the esteemed rue du Commandant Rivière. This exceptional apartment features three beautifully decorated bedrooms, capturing the very essence of the district’s authentic charm and immersing guests directly into the heart of the city’s cultural vibrancy.

Living Like a Local

In her quest to experience Paris authentically, Mouni didn’t just stay like a local – she dined like one too. Embarking on a culinary adventure, she indulged in genuine French gastronomy, offering her recommendations for those seeking the best food experiences in Paris.

Top Dining Picks in Paris

Restaurant Cuisine Specialty
Le Jules Verne French Eiffel Tower Views
L’Ambroisie French Michelin Three Stars
Le Comptoir du Relais French Bistro Cozy Atmosphere
Le Marais French Historic District
Le Chateaubriand French Artistic Cuisine

If you’re in Paris and want to savor the best food the city has to offer, consider Mouni Roy’s top dining picks. Whether you’re seeking panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower, Michelin-starred excellence, a cozy bistro atmosphere, or a taste of history in the Marais district, these recommendations promise an unforgettable culinary journey in the City of Light.

Celebrate your special occasions like Mouni Roy and experience Paris in all its glory, from charming accommodations to delectable French cuisine.

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