Shubman Gill’s Struggles Against Pakistan’s Pace Attack

Shubman Gill’s performance in India’s Asia Cup 2023 opener against Pakistan in Kandy on Saturday was one he’d probably want to forget. He was dismissed for just 10 off 32 balls, struggling immensely against the moving ball. His dismissal spoke volumes about the challenging innings he endured.

And, the culprits behind this forgettable performance were Pakistan’s ace pace-bowling trio – Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf, and Naseem Shah. They had India’s top-order on the ropes, and Gill was no exception. The stage was set, the bowlers were relentless, and Gill fell into their trap.

Ever since that day, Pakistani cricket fans have been relentless in their taunts, poking fun at Gill, who despite being hailed as India’s ‘future star cricketer,’ couldn’t mount a strong comeback, especially considering his encounter with Shah. One particular moment during Shah’s over to Gill caught everyone’s attention when Gill hesitated as Shah prepared to deliver a ball that was later declared dead. Pakistani fans couldn’t let go of the intense stare-down between Shah and Gill, continuing to taunt Gill for appearing uneasy against the Pakistani speedster.

Fans Join the Banter

So, when a viral trend on ‘X’ emerged, where Desi users shared black-and-white pictures of their grandmothers in their younger days, a Pakistani fan seized the opportunity to taunt Gill by reposting the trend with Naseem Shah’s black-and-white picture, humorously captioning it as “Shubhman Gill’s Grandfather. Circa 1953.”

While many Pakistanis joined in for a good laugh, Indian cricket fans weren’t to be outdone. One of them playfully shared a classic black-and-white image of Virat Kohli smashing a ball out of the park, cheekily suggesting, “Pakistan’s father kicking it out of his will, circa 1947.” Another fan chimed in with, “Grandpa and his ghutno ka dard match made in heaven,” while sharing a picture of Shah nursing an injury.

But the banter didn’t stop there. An Indian user on ‘X’ shared a similar photo of Kuldeep Yadav and humorously suggested, “Babar Azam’s grandfather, 1947.”

Cricket Banter Unites Fans

Indeed, such cricketing banters between India and Pakistan fans are like everlasting flames, and the excitement is building as we eagerly await the next clash between these arch-rivals scheduled for September 10.

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