Large-Scale Protests in Pakistan Demanding Action Against Hindu Abductions

Several cities in Pakistan are witnessing massive protests against the abduction of Hindus, with members of the Hindu community taking to the streets to demand the recovery of those who have been kidnapped. Protests and sit-ins have been observed in Sindh’s Larkana, Kashmore, and Karachi, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

The protesters are demanding the safe return of abducted Pakistani Hindus, including individuals like Mukhi Jagdish Kumar, Sagar Kumar, Jaideep Kumar, and Dr. Munir Naij. The distressing situation has prompted widespread outrage among the Hindu community, leading to a call for action.

“A protest march took place in Kashmore against the kidnapping of Hindus, demanding the release of those who are being held hostage by dacoits. Furthermore, they emphasized the importance of ensuring their safety and security.”

Narain Das Bheel (@NarainDasBheel8) – August 31, 2023

Urgent Calls for Action

Members of the Hindu community are demanding that the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Rangers launch an operation against the kidnappers and bandits responsible for these abductions. What adds to the gravity of the situation is that, even after 24 hours, none of the abducted individuals have been found.

In District Shikarpur and Kashmore, where fears of abductions are growing, members of the Hindu community have called for a complete shutter-down strike. This strike is aimed at showing solidarity with those recently abducted, including Mukhi Jagdeesh, Jaideep, and Sagar Kumar.

“Amidst growing fear of abductions in District Shikarpur and Kashmore, members of the Hindu community have called a complete shutter-down strike in Kashmore and Kandhkot—in order to show solidarity with recently abducted #MukhiJagdeesh, #Jaideep, and #SagarKumar.”

Sumeet (@sumeetkrathore) – September 1, 2023

Traffic Standstill in Punjab and Balochistan

The protests have had a significant impact on daily life, with traffic coming to a standstill in Punjab and Balochistan. This disruption underscores the seriousness of the issue and the determination of those demanding action.

In Sindh’s Larkana, Pooj Hindu Panchayat Chairman Haresh Lal, along with Dr. Dayali Gul, Nanin Ram, Dr. Sudham Chand, and other members of Sindh’s civil society and representatives from various faiths, organized a march from Hindu Dharamshala. Notably, the rally saw the participation of representatives from the Larkana Chamber of Commerce and Industry and leaders of Awami Tehreek.

“The Hindu Panchayat said the police has failed to act decisively against the bandits who have been uploading videos on social media showing kidnapped victims being tortured.”

Report by Pakistan-based newspaper, the Dawn

In a distressing turn of events, videos have surfaced on social media showing kidnapped victims being tortured, further highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue.

Protests in Karachi Gain Momentum

The protests in Karachi were led by the Minority Rights March and Aurat March, and they gained momentum as more people joined in solidarity with the cause. Protesters demanded justice for abducted individuals, including Sagar Kumar, Mukhi Jagdish, Dr. Munir, and minors Jaideep Kumar and Priya Kumari.

Protesters who had traveled from Kashmore and Sukkur held up banners and posters displaying pictures of the missing persons, sending a powerful message about their determination to seek justice.

“We are raising our voices here in Karachi, the capital of Sindh because Kashmore, probably, is too backward a town, and, maybe, the voices of the victims’ families and the people of that area are not reaching the corridors of power from there,”

A protester quoted by the Dawn

This quote reflects the frustration and urgency of the protesters who feel that their voices must be heard at the highest levels of government to bring about change.

Human rights activist Pastor Ghazala Shafique expressed concerns about the situation, stating that landlords in the area are offering protection to the bandits. Social activist Sheema Kermani added that the breakdown of law and order is rampant because these criminal gangs operate under the patronage of landlords and police.

“Abductees have been missing for years and months, but it is being said by the police that they have been recovered. Yet their families are saying that they have not reached home,”

Sheema Kermani

Despite assurances from caretaker Sindh home minister Haris Nawaz that steps are being taken to launch an operation against bandits in the riverine areas of Jacobabad and Shikarpur, protesters remain dissatisfied. They are calling for a direct assurance from the Sindh chief minister to address their concerns.

The situation remains fluid, and the protesters are determined to keep up the pressure until concrete action is taken to ensure the safety and security of the abducted Hindus.

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