As Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrates his 73rd birthday, millions of well-wishers from across the country send their heartfelt greetings to the world’s most influential and beloved leader. One of the most popular ways to convey birthday wishes is through the ‘Express Your Seva Bhaav’ initiative on the NaMo app.

The NaMo app has evolved into a leading platform that not only allows users to voice their opinions on the nation’s progress but also connects them with grassroots efforts under the ‘Jan Bhagidari’ (public involvement) movement. To inspire both ‘Karyakartas’ (party workers) and citizens to embrace the spirit of service (‘Seva Bhaav’), the NaMo app empowers them to express their commitment to the nation’s development and convey their best wishes to their leader on his special day.

Users can choose specific areas or fields in which they want to contribute through the app and take a pledge to direct their efforts toward the betterment of the nation. They can also share their ‘Seva Bhaav’ moments on social media with friends and family to earn recognition badges. The app offers a selection of nine different activities, and users can post pictures of their initiatives.

Furthermore, the NaMo app provides an avenue for micro-donations ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 100, allowing users to support various initiatives such as Swachh Bharat, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, and Kisan Seva.

The Nine Sevas

Seva Description
Aatmanirbhar Users can share pictures of activities that contribute to making India self-reliant.
Blood Donation Users can inspire others by sharing videos of their blood donation efforts, benefiting those in need.
Catch the Rain Users can create videos showcasing local/innovative rainwater conservation solutions to raise awareness about the ‘Catch the Rain’ campaign.
Leading Digital India Users can post videos about adopting digital/tech innovations in their daily lives or assisting others in adopting them.
Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Users can celebrate India’s rich diversity and culture by sharing videos that highlight this unique aspect of the nation.
LiFE: Pro-Planet People Users can share pictures demonstrating their commitment to PM Modi’s globally recognized mantra of ‘Lifestyle For Environment.’
Swachh Bharat Videos depicting initiatives taken by individuals to clean their surroundings and contribute to Swachh Bharat.
TB Mukt Bharat A pledge to support TB patients by ensuring the delivery of essential services, including nutrition and medicines, to those in need.
Vocal for Local Users can share photos of themselves with local vendors from whom they have purchased locally produced items, supporting the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative.

The NaMo app stands as a remarkable platform for citizens to actively engage in the nation’s development journey. It not only fosters ‘Jan Bhagidari’ but also encourages individuals to contribute to their country’s progress in diverse and meaningful ways. As we celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 73rd birthday, let us unite in expressing our Seva Bhaav and work together to build a stronger, self-reliant India.

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