Calling himself a “Hanuman Bhakt,” former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath, a Congress leader, had previously installed one of India’s tallest statues of Lord Hanuman in Chhindwara. Now, current CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan is initiating the construction of a significant project, Shri Hanuman Lok, in the same district. With the upcoming Madhya Pradesh elections, both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress are vying for the support of Hindu voters.

In a recent statement, Kamal Nath stated that debating India’s identity as a “Hindu Rashtra” is unnecessary, given the country’s Hindu majority. CM Shivraj, present in Chhindwara, is also seeking blessings from Lord Hanuman at a revered ancient temple located in Sanwali village, near the convergence of two rivers.

The Shri Hanuman Lok project will occupy 26.50 acres of land, with an initial cost of Rs 35 crore for the first phase, followed by subsequent phases. The project’s blueprint, obtained by Smartkhabrinews, outlines the installation of multiple statues and depictions of Lord Hanuman. This includes a sculpture of his child form in the primary courtyard, accessible via a 500-meter-long Chiranjeevi path from the entrance. Over 90,000 square feet of space will be dedicated to paintings and artworks.

The second courtyard will showcase idols and artistic representations of Lord Hanuman across approximately 62,000 square feet. The project’s design draws inspiration from Marathwada architecture. Additionally, an open-air theatre named Muktakash Manch will be established, covering 12,000 square feet, intended for Ramlila performances and religious events. A Sanjivani Path will facilitate circumambulation around the holy Ramtekri mountain.

Among the planned facilities are administrative offices, ticket counters, control rooms, an ayurvedic dispensary, shops, food courts, and seating arrangements for devotees and religious functions. The project’s second phase will introduce a laboratory, Pravachan Hall, open interpretation centre, waterfront pathway with seating, restaurant, gaushala (cow shelter), and ghat along the Jam river.

The Jam Sanwali Hanuman Temple, known for its revered idol, will remain an integral part of the project. Devotees consider the temple a place of miracles, often taking the idol’s water home due to its perceived sanctity.

As Madhya Pradesh’s political landscape heats up before the year-end elections, both parties are leveraging cultural and religious projects to connect with voters, making it a crucial watch for political analysts and citizens alike.

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