The Delhi Metro, often compared to a bustling fish market, has gained notoriety for its frequent episodes of chaos and conflicts. In a recent incident, a video showcasing a heated altercation between two women has taken the internet by storm. This video, which gained traction on social media platform ‘X’, depicts a group of women engaged in a fierce brawl, exchanging blows and pulling each other’s hair in a display of intense anger.

The primary cause of this dispute was reportedly a disagreement over a seat within the metro. The video, shared by @gharkekalesh, was accompanied by the caption, “Kalesh b/w Some group of girl and woman inside Delhi metro over seat issue.” The video quickly garnered attention and sparked humorous responses from the online community.

The repetitive nature of such incidents has turned them into almost daily spectacles for commuters. Rather than surprising or disheartening people, these clashes have become expected occurrences. The incident also prompted comparisons to reality TV shows, with comments like “Delhi metro is the most happening place in the entire universe” and “Itna drama toh Bigg Boss me nahi hota jitna Delhi metro me hota hai ab.”

It’s evident that the Delhi Metro’s chaotic reputation remains intact, as incidents like these continue to make headlines and capture the attention of the masses. While the metro system plays a crucial role in the city’s transportation network, these clashes highlight the challenges faced by commuters and the need for improved conflict resolution mechanisms.

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