Meta Expands “Keyword Search” Feature to Reach Indian Users

Meta, the tech giant behind Facebook, is continuing its efforts to compete with its rival, X, by expanding its “keyword search” feature to more countries, with a particular focus on India. This move comes as the company aims to enhance the user experience and provide more accessible search capabilities.

The “keyword search” feature, initially tested in Australia and New Zealand, is now being made available to users in India, Argentina, Mexico, the UK, and the US. Meta announced this expansion in a blog post, stating, “Today, we’ll start rolling out keyword search in English and Spanish, in countries where most people post in those languages — such as Argentina, India, Mexico, the UK, and the US — on both mobile and web.”

Meta is committed to further extending this feature to other languages and countries in the near future. Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and CEO of Meta, also shared this exciting development on Threads, stating, “Rolling out to most English and Spanish-speaking countries today. More to come soon.”

“Rolling out to most English and Spanish-speaking countries today. More to come soon.” – Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Meta

Threads Faces Declining User Numbers

While Meta is making strides in expanding its search capabilities, Threads, a social media app under the Meta umbrella, is experiencing challenges. Threads saw a peak of approximately 50,000 daily active users on Android devices in early July but has since seen a significant decline, with current active users numbering around 10 million globally.

Comparatively, Threads’ user base is now less than a tenth of Twitter’s user population. According to Similarweb, a digital intelligence platform, users are spending just 2.4 minutes a day on the app, marking an over 80% decrease from its early July peak.

Despite a strong start, with over 10 million users joining the app within seven hours of its July 5th launch, Threads has faced challenges in retaining its user base. At its launch, it became the most downloaded non-game app in a decade, surpassing 100 million users, according to Sensor Tower, a market intelligence data provider.

As Meta continues to invest in enhancing its features and expanding its user base, the future of Threads remains uncertain. It will be interesting to see how Meta addresses the challenges faced by this social media platform.

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