Bengaluru Man Wins Rs 1 Lakh Compensation from Apple India Service Centre

In a peculiar turn of events, a Bengaluru man has successfully claimed Rs 1 lakh in compensation from an Apple India service center, alleging damage to his iPhone 13. The individual, identified as 30-year-old Awez Khan and residing in Frazer Town, had purchased the iPhone 13 in October 2021, accompanied by a one-year warranty.

Several months after the purchase, Khan encountered recurring issues with the device’s battery and speaker. In August 2022, he decided to seek assistance at the Apple service center located in Indiranagar. The service center assured him that the issues were repairable and promised to return his phone within a week.

However, when Khan arrived to collect his iPhone after the supposed repairs, he discovered that the device was still not functioning correctly. The service center acknowledged the problem and agreed to re-examine the device, but communication from their end ceased for two weeks.

Eventually, Khan was informed that a glue-like substance had been discovered on the device’s outer mesh, and this issue was not covered by the one-year warranty.

Frustrated by the lack of resolution, Khan sent a legal notice to the service center in October 2022 but received no response. In December of the same year, he filed a formal complaint with the local district consumer disputes redressal commission.

As a result of Khan’s efforts, a city consumer court recently ruled in his favor and ordered Apple to compensate him with Rs 79,900, along with interest and an additional Rs 20,000.

Key Takeaways

  • A Bengaluru man, Awez Khan, won Rs 1 lakh in compensation from an Apple India service center due to alleged damage to his iPhone 13.
  • Khan purchased the iPhone in October 2021 with a one-year warranty but faced recurring battery and speaker issues.
  • Despite assurances of repair, the device continued to malfunction after a visit to the service center.
  • Apple was ordered to pay Rs 79,900 in compensation, along with interest and an additional Rs 20,000, by a city consumer court.

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