WhatsApp Embraces Generative AI: AI Stickers, Image Creation, and Chatbot

WhatsApp is about to undergo a transformation with the infusion of Generative AI, as confirmed by Meta, the company behind WhatsApp. This shift from the metaverse to AI is set to revolutionize the WhatsApp experience for its billions of users. Generative AI aims to empower users with new creative and productive tools while ensuring the security of AI-generated data through end-to-end encryption. Here’s a closer look at the exciting AI features coming to WhatsApp:

AI Stickers

Meta is harnessing the power of its Llama 2 language model to introduce Emu, an image generation model. Emu has the remarkable ability to transform your text prompts on WhatsApp into high-quality stickers. This feature will be gradually rolled out to select English-language users on WhatsApp and other Meta apps over the next month. To create your personalized AI sticker, simply visit the GIF corner on WhatsApp and click on the Create button.

Create Images With AI

WhatsApp is not stopping at stickers; it’s also empowering users to generate AI-created images effortlessly. To utilize this feature, engage with @Meta AI using the “imagine” prompt, and then express your request. There are no intricate settings to configure; the AI model will work its magic seamlessly.

AI Chatbot on WhatsApp

No AI-driven enhancement would be complete without an AI chatbot, and Meta is introducing this technology to WhatsApp. The Meta AI chatbot will assist users by summarizing gift ideas and providing answers to specific queries. Thanks to Meta’s partnership with Bing, the chatbot has access to real-time information. To engage with the Meta AI chatbot, WhatsApp users can simply message @meta AI and pose their queries.

WhatsApp is on the cusp of an exciting transformation, where Generative AI promises to make your conversations more creative, expressive, and productive. Whether you’re designing AI stickers, generating images, or seeking quick answers from the AI chatbot, WhatsApp is evolving to meet your needs in innovative ways.

Stay tuned as these AI features gradually become available, and get ready to explore a new realm of possibilities within your favorite messaging app.

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