Lashkar-e-Taiba Utilizes Drones for Infiltration

In a shocking development, a Pakistan-based terrorist organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), has used drones to drop a terrorist into Punjab, as revealed by an intelligence source speaking exclusively to CNN-Smartkhabrinews. The exclusive report includes access to video footage that demonstrates the terror group’s testing of drones designed to transport individuals into Indian territory, with a maximum payload capacity of 70kg.

The exclusive video footage was recorded within an LeT drone training facility located in Pakistan’s Shakargarh region. It exhibits terrorists assessing the drones’ capability to transport a human and deploy them into water. The intelligence source revealed, “A few months ago, a terrorist was sent to Punjab using a drone. He disclosed that he was sent by the LeT top brass and was given money. He was told to go by drone and settle in Punjab, where he was to be assigned a task.”

According to insider information, the dispatched terrorist was instructed to procure weapons and other ammunition from sources within Punjab.

More Than Meets the Eye in the Sky

Terrorist groups and drug smugglers situated in Pakistan have increasingly utilized drones to transport weapons and narcotics into Indian territory, primarily targeting Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir (JandK). Smartkhabrinews had previously reported on the surge in drone activities in 2022, particularly the influx of drug-carrying drones from Pakistan into Punjab. Central agencies suspect a connection between this menace and the arrival of Khalistan sympathizer Amritpal Singh in the state.

According to data accessed by Smartkhabrinews, the Border Security Force (BSF), responsible for countering drone-related threats, recorded a total of 256 drone movements in Punjab in the previous year, with 90 percent of them occurring within Indian territory. In comparison, the BSF reported 67 drone movements in 2021. The Jammu border also witnessed a significant increase in drone activities, with a three-fold rise in the total number of sightings.

Union Minister of State for Home, Nisith Pramanik, revealed in the Lok Sabha in March that “anti-national elements and smugglers have been using drones for smuggling arms and narcotics from Pakistan to Punjab, and 28 incidents of drone recovery have been reported in the past three years.” He further elaborated that the BSF is conducting round-the-clock surveillance, including patrolling, checkpoint setups, and manned observation posts along the International Border. Additionally, the BSF is in the process of procuring more anti-drone systems for installation in Punjab along the Indo-Pakistan border, with ongoing trial operations.

These developments underscore the growing threat posed by drones in the hands of terrorists and smugglers, necessitating a robust response to safeguard Indian border regions.

Data on Drone Movements in Punjab
Year Total Drone Movements Drone Movements Inside Indian Territory
2022 256 90%
2021 67 N/A

These statistics highlight the escalating use of drones for illicit activities across the border and emphasize the need for enhanced security measures to counter this threat effectively.

As the situation evolves, authorities are taking proactive steps to secure the border regions and protect against potential drone-related incidents. The adoption of anti-drone technology and increased surveillance efforts are critical components of these security measures.

In conclusion, the use of drones by Lashkar-e-Taiba to infiltrate Punjab is a concerning development that underscores the growing threat posed by drones in the hands of terrorist organizations and smugglers. The data on drone movements in Punjab serves as a stark reminder of the need for robust border security measures and the continuous monitoring of drone activities to ensure the safety and security of Indian territory.

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