India Suspends Visa Services for Canadian Citizens

Following diplomatic tensions between India and Canada, visa services for Canadian citizens have been suspended. The catalyst for this suspension was the controversy surrounding the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, which strained relations between the two nations.

Immigration Consultants Flooded with Inquiries

Immigration consultants in India are currently inundated with anxious queries from concerned individuals. Cyrus Sethna, a prominent immigration consultant, has experienced a significant increase in phone calls and inquiries since the visa services suspension.

For instance, a couple planning a grand wedding in Mumbai in December is now faced with uncertainty. They are unsure if their relatives residing in Canada will be able to attend the ceremony due to the visa suspension. Additionally, a delegation of Canadian doctors scheduled to participate in a conference in India is grappling with a similar predicament.

Sethna expressed his concerns, stating, “It’s not the best news that India has pulled the plug on visas. The Canada visa process was already a nightmare, characterized by long waiting times and frequent rejections on seemingly baseless grounds. We don’t know what will happen next.”

Impact on Various Sectors

The escalating diplomatic tensions between New Delhi and Ottawa have left numerous individuals in a perplexing situation. The consequences of the visa suspension are felt across various sectors:

  • Indian Students: Indian students applying to Canadian universities are particularly affected. In 2022, Indians comprised 40% of the total international student population in Canada. The number of Indian students on study visas in Canada has surpassed 3 lakh. The suspension has raised concerns about their academic plans and future prospects.
  • Immigrants: Aspiring immigrants seeking Canadian residency now face uncertainty regarding their applications. The suspension disrupts their plans for a new life in Canada and leaves them in limbo.
  • Travelers: Individuals traveling between India and Canada are experiencing challenges. Last-minute airfares on India-Canada routes have seen a significant increase as travelers rush to adjust their plans in response to the growing rift between the two countries.


The suspension of visa services between India and Canada has generated widespread concerns and uncertainty. It has affected students, immigrants, and travelers, with many left wondering about their next steps amidst the diplomatic tensions. The evolving situation will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the relationship between these two nations and the individuals caught in the middle.

For more updates on this developing story, stay tuned to India Canada news.

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