Google Chrome is on the verge of introducing a feature that will resemble Microsoft Edge’s “read aloud” capability, designed for desktop users. This new feature is currently available for testing in the Canary version of Chrome and brings an array of functionalities to enhance the reading experience.

Adjustable Playback Speed

With the “read aloud” feature, users can exercise control over the rate at which articles are read aloud. This customization allows for a more tailored and comfortable listening experience, ensuring that users can follow along at their preferred pace.

Voice Options for Enhanced Auditory Experience

Future updates to Chrome will expand on the “read aloud” feature by offering users the ability to choose from different voice options. This feature enhancement aims to provide a more engaging and personalized auditory experience while consuming online content.

Intuitive User Interface Design

The “read aloud” feature in Chrome comes with a thoughtful design element that enhances the user interface. As the article is narrated, the sentence being read is dynamically highlighted, while previously read sections gently fade out. This intuitive design element enables users to effortlessly track their reading progress and maintain context.

For those who may find the highlighted text distracting, Chrome has added a button that allows users to disable this feature, providing flexibility in how the “read aloud” functionality is experienced.

Visual Improvements

In addition to these audio enhancements, Chrome is also focusing on improving its visual appeal. While details on these visual updates are limited, Google is committed to refining the overall user experience, making Chrome even more user-friendly.

Alerts for Extension Changes

Meanwhile, Google is introducing a helpful feature for Chrome users. Starting with Chrome version 117, the browser will proactively notify users when an extension they have installed is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store. Oliver Dunk, Developer Relations Engineer for Chrome Extensions, explained in a Chrome Developers post that this notification will be limited to three specific cases:

  1. When the extension has been unpublished by the developer.
  2. When it is taken down for violating Chrome Web Store policy.
  3. When it is marked as malware.

This feature aims to keep users informed and ensure they are aware of any changes to their installed extensions, promoting a safer and more secure browsing experience.

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