During the launch of the iPhone 15, Apple emphasized its commitment to making the iPhone 15 Pro more repairable, with a particular focus on simplifying the replacement of the back glass. However, at that time, the company did not disclose the exact cost difference compared to the iPhone 14 Pro. Now, Apple has unveiled the pricing for replacing the iPhone 15 Pro’s back glass panel, and it’s a welcome surprise for iPhone users.

iPhone 15 Pro Back Glass Replacement Costs

For those who’ve experienced the unfortunate mishap of shattering the back glass of their iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s official Repair and Service support page provides clarity on the associated expenses. To replace the back glass on your iPhone 15 Pro, you’ll be looking at:

iPhone Model Back Glass Replacement Cost
iPhone 15 Pro Max Rs 16,900
iPhone 15 Pro Rs 14,900

Comparing these prices with their iPhone 14 Pro counterparts reveals a remarkable difference:

iPhone Model iPhone 15 Pro Price Reduction
iPhone 15 Pro Max Rs 43,000
iPhone 15 Pro Rs 38,000

This substantial reduction in repair costs, a whopping Rs 43,000 less for the Pro Max and Rs 38,000 less for the Pro iPhone, comes as a relief to iPhone owners prone to accidental drops and cracked back glass. It’s excellent news for those who have, in the past, hesitated to repair their iPhones due to the steep expenses involved.

Affordable Repairs for Standard iPhone 15 Models

Interestingly, Apple has maintained the same repair pricing for the standard iPhone 15 models, carrying over the affordability of back glass replacements from the iPhone 14 series. If you own an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus, you’ll be pleased to know that the repair costs remain consistent:

iPhone Model Back Glass Replacement Cost
iPhone 15 Plus Rs 16,900
iPhone 15 Rs 14,900

Considering the price of iPhones and their associated repair expenses, these reductions in back glass replacement costs are a welcome change. iPhones have never been known for their affordability, and high repair charges only added to the financial burden for users. With the iPhone 15 Pro models, Apple seems to be shifting towards a more repair-friendly approach, aiming to make iPhone repairs less daunting and costly.

The recent iPhone models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, earned a reputation for their challenging repairability, particularly when it came to fixing the back glass. However, the iPhone 15 Pro series signifies a shift towards addressing this issue by making repairs more accessible and affordable, instead of advocating for complete unit replacements.

As a result, iPhone users can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that a cracked back glass won’t break the bank, thanks to Apple’s efforts to make repairs more reasonable.

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