Farhan Akhtar Reveals Why Shah Rukh Khan Left Don 3

Shah Rukh Khan fans were left shocked and heartbroken last month when it was announced that Ranveer Singh will be replacing him in Don 3. Over a month later, Farhan Akhtar has now clarified that he and SRK parted ways mutually for the best.

Akhtar directed the first two movies in the Don franchise. Farhan Akhtar was speaking to Variety when he revealed that he and Shah Rukh Khan could not find any common ground and therefore decided to part ways for Don 3. “I’m not in the position of replacing anybody. These are things that we discussed over the years, I wanted to take a certain direction with the story, somehow we just couldn’t find common ground. We just parted mutually knowing that it’s probably for the best. So that’s where it is,” he said.

Farhan further revealed that Ranveer Singh is super excited about the movie and added, “I’m really excited Ranveer’s on board. He’s so charged and so ready to go. It’s a big film, just purely from the point of view of an actor, it’s a big thing to do, and we’re really excited to have him on board. His energy is energizing us, so to speak.”

Last month, Farhan dropped a teaser of Don 3 confirming that Ranveer is playing the new Don. The teaser opened in an apartment against a breathtaking skyline of a city, with Ranveer Singh’s voiceover going, “Sher jo so raha hain woh jagega kab, puchte hai yeh sab. Unse keh do phir jaag utha hoon main, aur phir samne jald aane ko…” He wears statement shades, smokes a cigarette and wields a revolver in typical Don style, thus announcing his arrival as Don.

Meanwhile, it is being speculated that Kiara Advani is likely to replace Priyanka Chopra as the new Roma in Don 3. However, there is no official announcement to this as of now. Don 3 will hit theaters in 2025.

Why Did SRK Leave Don 3?

Shah Rukh Khan’s exit from Don 3 left his fans in disbelief. However, Farhan Akhtar, who directed the first two movies in the Don series, has shed light on the reasons behind this surprising change. According to Akhtar, the decision for SRK to step aside was mutual and made for the greater good of the project. The two couldn’t find common ground regarding the direction of the story, leading to their amicable parting.

Ranveer Singh’s Enthusiasm

Despite the change in the lead role, Farhan Akhtar expressed his excitement about Ranveer Singh taking on the iconic character of Don. He described Ranveer as highly charged and ready to tackle the role. The film is a significant undertaking for any actor, and the enthusiasm that Ranveer brings to the project is invigorating for the entire team.

Ranveer Singh’s Don Teaser

To confirm Ranveer Singh’s role as the new Don, Farhan Akhtar released a teaser that showcased the actor’s charismatic presence. The teaser featured a city skyline and Ranveer’s voiceover, creating an air of mystery and anticipation around the character. Ranveer appeared in the classic Don style, complete with statement shades, a cigarette, and a revolver, leaving no doubt about his portrayal of the iconic character.

Kiara Advani as the New Roma?

While Ranveer Singh’s role in Don 3 is clear, there are speculations about Kiara Advani potentially replacing Priyanka Chopra as the new Roma. However, no official announcement has been made regarding this casting choice, leaving fans curious about the final decision.

Don 3’s Release Date

Fans eager to see Ranveer Singh as the new Don will have to wait until 2025, as that is the slated release year for Don 3. The film promises to bring a fresh take on the iconic character and storyline, making it a highly anticipated cinematic experience.

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