Director Atlee’s Revelation About “Jawan 2”

Director Atlee has set the rumor mill spinning by confirming the prospects of a sequel to the popular film “Jawan,” which featured Shah Rukh Khan in a double role. However, Atlee’s enthusiasm for “Jawan 2” comes with a condition – the script must be robust enough to warrant a sequel.

The original “Jawan” left audiences with an open ending, hinting at the return of Shah Rukh Khan as Azad and Vikram Rathore, his father-son characters, for another thrilling heist. Speaking with Pinkvilla, Atlee stated, “Every film of mine has an open end, but to date, I have never thought of doing a sequel to any of my films. For ‘Jawan,’ if anything strong comes to me, I will make a part two. I have kept an open end, and I can come up with a sequel now or later. But definitely will come up with a sequel to ‘Jawan’ one day.”

Atlee also expressed his admiration for the character Vikram Rathore and the possibility of a spinoff. “Vikram Rathore for sure. Vikram Rathore is my hero. Maybe one day, I will make a spin-off to that. Let’s see,” he added.

Preparations for “Jawan 2”

The confirmation of “Jawan 2” comes shortly after a KoiMoi report disclosed that Atlee has directed his team of writers to work on a script for the sequel. A source close to the production shared, “Everyone, including Khan Sahib (Shah Rukh Khan), is most excited about the sequel, and Atlee has asked his writers to speed up the process. Sequels are best served up when the original film is fresh in the audience’s mind. Yes, we know the Gadar sequel is creating history twenty-two years after the first film. But that is an exception. ‘Jawan 2’ will come while SRK is still jawaan (young).” This revelation has heightened anticipation for what “Jawan 2” may have in store.

Possible Changes in the Cast

While the excitement surrounding “Jawan 2” builds, there have been reports suggesting that Vijay Sethupathi, who appeared in the original film, might not reprise his role in the sequel. This speculation arises from the fate of his character in the first movie, which could influence the storyline of the second installment.

As the script for “Jawan 2” takes shape and Director Atlee’s vision unfolds, fans eagerly await further updates and details about this highly anticipated sequel to “Jawan.”

Key Points
Director’s Condition Atlee will make “Jawan 2” only if the script meets his expectations.
Potential Spinoff Atlee expresses interest in creating a spinoff based on Vikram Rathore’s character.
Script Development Atlee has instructed his team to work on a script for the sequel, sparking excitement among fans.
Casting Uncertainty Vijay Sethupathi’s return to the sequel remains uncertain, with reports suggesting possible changes in the cast.

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