Controversy Surrounding Humans of Bombay and Karishma Mehta

The Humans of Bombay organization is currently facing a wave of backlash and trolling on social media following a copyright infringement case that didn’t quite go as planned. The platform, initially launched as a Facebook Page in 2014 by founder Karishma Mehta, has garnered immense popularity for its heartwarming stories. However, recent events have put them in a less favorable spotlight.

The Copyright Infringement Case

The recent controversy began when Humans of Bombay filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court against an online storytelling portal called ‘People of India,’ alleging copyright infringement. This legal action set the stage for a cascade of unexpected events.

Brandon Stanton’s Involvement

A significant turning point occurred when Brandon Stanton, the founder of Humans of New York, shared his opinion on India-based storytelling. Stanton accused Humans of Bombay of copying his idea and criticized the organization for initiating legal proceedings against another storytelling platform. This statement not only garnered criticism for Humans of Bombay but also unleashed a wave of trolling against them.

On social media platform ‘X,’ many individuals came forward to express their grievances and criticisms of Humans of Bombay. The trolls targeted the organization, and the atmosphere quickly turned hostile.

“Everybody and everybody’s uncle now talking of issues they had with Humans of Bombay. Ironically never before they stated any of this, but now of course is the time. It’s telling no, everybody pouncing the moment someone goes down. Very village folk burning witches on stake…” – Abijit Ganguly

Some individuals labeled Humans of Bombay as just another ‘woke’ and ‘cool’ organization that had received undeserved fame. They also criticized the organization for allegedly mocking and disrespecting the National Anthem.

“Humans of Bombay is just another ‘woke’ and ‘cool’ organization that has been given unnecessary fame by the people. #Watch: mocking and disrespecting the National Anthem is also cool for them.” – Diksha Verma

Allegations of Plagiarism

Accusations of plagiarism added fuel to the fire. One person pointed out that Humans of Bombay’s ‘X’ bio appeared to be copied from Humans of New York, raising questions about intellectual property.

“One person also shared how Humans of Bombay’s ‘X’ bio is copied from Humans of New York. Intellectual property — one story at a time.” – Trendulkar

Targeting Karishma Mehta

The backlash extended to founder Karishma Mehta herself, with many people calling her out for promoting a toxic work environment within the organization.

“Don’t even get started on the toxic work culture at that place: there are employees who’ve quit citing harassment, abuse, lack of pay, and punishing work hours. A cheap ripoff sitting on the moral high horse is peak South Bombay entitlement. Hope it comes out one day.” – Anonymous User

While criticism and trolling are not uncommon on social media, the intensity of the backlash against Humans of Bombay and Karishma Mehta has certainly raised eyebrows.


Humans of Bombay, known for sharing heartwarming stories of people in the metropolitan city, is currently facing a storm of controversy and criticism. The copyright infringement case, allegations of plagiarism, and accusations of a toxic work environment have all contributed to the organization’s turbulent situation.

As this saga unfolds on social media, it remains to be seen how Humans of Bombay and its founder, Karishma Mehta, will respond to the growing backlash and whether they can weather this storm.

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