Bengaluru’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines: Icons Adorn City Mall Billboards

Bengaluru, often dubbed the ‘Startup Capital of India’, never fails to amaze us with its constant evolution and captivating offerings. Its ability to surprise us remains a consistent theme, and this time, it’s a revelation that highlights the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. A viral image circulating on the platform ‘X’ has taken the digital world by storm, shedding light on a truly inspiring aspect of Bengaluru’s identity.

A Tribute to Entrepreneurship in Bengaluru

The image in question originates from a Bengaluru shopping mall and depicts an internal food court, a familiar sight for visitors. However, what sets this image apart is the transformation of the customary billboards that usually feature food brands or celebrity endorsements. These billboards have undergone a remarkable change – they now proudly display portraits of renowned entrepreneurs who have ignited the spark of entrepreneurship in millions through their exceptional ventures and brands.

“Ohh yes I shifted to Bangalore and this is just a random mall I went to. Insane,”

– Vibali Joshi, Original Sharer

Among the distinguished faces adorning these billboards are luminaries like Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Sheryl Sandberg, and more. This creative tribute to the entrepreneurial icons of our time is a testament to the pervasive startup culture that thrives in Bengaluru.

Community Reactions

The viral image generated a flurry of reactions, with individuals expressing their admiration and thoughts on this unique display. One commentator humorously noted, “Full Corporate maahol… itna ki visitor motivate ho jaye tabi start-up opeb krne ke liye…”. Another insightfully commented, “Bangalore ki hawa me hi startups hain!!” A third individual captured the collective sentiment, stating, “Mall?? Office ka cafeteria lag raha hai!”

A Glimpse into Nexus Shantiniketan Mall

The location of this creative homage is the Nexus Shantiniketan Mall, nestled in the Krishnarajapura area of Bengaluru. The presence of these entrepreneur-adorned billboards within this mall adds to its unique character and reinforces the city’s status as a hub of innovation and business.

Entrepreneurial Vibes Everywhere

This viral image is not the only instance where Bengaluru’s entrepreneurial spirit has taken center stage. In a previous instance, a prospective tenant shared a remarkable encounter with a landlord who approached the rental process with the zeal of a seasoned investor. The landlord’s pitch resembled a seed-round investment presentation, showcasing just how deeply embedded the startup culture is in the city’s fabric.

The allure of Bengaluru’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is undeniable. Its ability to seamlessly blend the worlds of business and creativity continues to attract not only startups but also individuals who aspire to be part of its vibrant entrepreneurial journey.


Bengaluru’s allure as the ‘Startup Capital of India’ remains unshaken. The viral image of entrepreneur-adorned billboards in a city mall stands as a powerful testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that defines this dynamic city. With each passing revelation, Bengaluru continues to reinforce its reputation as a hotbed of innovation, a place where the entrepreneurial flame burns brighter than ever.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, one thing is clear – Bengaluru’s magic lies in its ability to surprise, inspire, and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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