WhatsApp’s Upcoming Android Interface Redesign

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application owned by Meta, is in the process of revamping its Android interface. According to reports from WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp developments, the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update hints at significant changes in the app’s user interface.

The key highlight of this update is a new top app bar that will be white instead of the current green. This design change is intended to provide a fresh look and feel to the app. Similar modifications are also in progress for the iOS version of WhatsApp, as evidenced by the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update.

“Thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, which is available on the Google Play Store, we discovered that WhatsApp introduced several enhancements to the top app bar for a future update of the app,” WABetaInfo reported.

WhatsApp is striving to create a consistent user experience across both Android and iOS platforms, aligning the interfaces and features. While the Android version will adhere to Material Design 3 guidelines, the iOS version will see similar changes to its top bar.

This interface update is expected to roll out in a future WhatsApp update, promising a sleeker and more modern appearance for Android users.

Edit Messages in Community Announcement Groups

In addition to the interface overhaul, WhatsApp is introducing a handy feature that allows users to edit their messages within community announcement groups. This feature is particularly useful for correcting errors or updating information in a timely manner.

Users will be able to modify the content of messages they’ve sent within a 15-minute window from the time of sending. This feature is currently available to select beta testers who have the latest WhatsApp beta for Android installed via the Google Play Store.

For community announcement groups where accurate information dissemination is crucial, this editing feature will be a valuable tool for administrators and participants alike.

Protecting IP Addresses in Calls

WhatsApp is also addressing privacy concerns with a new feature aimed at protecting users’ IP addresses during calls. This feature is significant in enhancing the security and privacy of users, particularly in the context of voice and video calls.

While the details of how this feature will work are not yet fully disclosed, it underscores WhatsApp’s commitment to safeguarding user data and maintaining the confidentiality of communications.


WhatsApp’s upcoming interface redesign for Android, along with the introduction of message editing in community announcement groups and IP address protection, demonstrates the platform’s dedication to enhancing user experience and privacy. These changes are part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to keep its app modern, secure, and user-friendly.

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