The Challenges Faced by Sham Kaushal

In a recent interview, Vicky Kaushal, the talented Bollywood actor, shed light on the difficulties his father, Sham Kaushal, faced in the film industry. Sham Kaushal is renowned for his work as a stunt director, but his journey was not without its share of challenges.

Vicky shared how his father was often subjected to humiliation and scolding during his career. He revealed that there was a time when his father even shed tears on set after being referred to as “just a stuntman.” Vicky recalled, “He has tried to make us strong, emotionally. He would openly tell us, ‘I felt humiliated on set today, and I came back and I cried to your mom.’ He would say that to us when we were children. And mom would tell us this, that one time this had happened, that had happened, and some senior had scolded him in front of the whole set when he was just a stuntman. And he came back home and cried. So, this was never hidden from us. And he has cried in front of us,” as revealed to We Are Yuvaa.

“Things are not going to go in your favour all the time. Most times they are going to be against you; that’s how life is,”

– Sham Kaushal

Valuable Life Lessons

Despite the challenges he faced, Sham Kaushal imparted valuable life lessons to his sons, Vicky and Sunny Kaushal. One such piece of advice was, “Things are not going to go in your favour all the time. Most times they are going to be against you; that’s how life is.” This wisdom from his father continues to guide Vicky Kaushal in his journey through the film industry.

A Strong Father-Son Bond

Vicky Kaushal shares a deep and loving bond with his father, Sham Kaushal. On the occasion of Vicky’s birthday, Sham expressed his pride and love through a heartwarming Instagram post. He shared a touching picture with his son and wrote, “Happy Birthday Vicky Puttar. May God’s blessings be always with u. Feeling so proud and blessed that now I’m known as Vicky Kaushal’s father. Love u Puttar. Zor di jhappi. Rab Rakha.”

Upcoming Projects

While Sham Kaushal has had a remarkable career as a stunt director, Vicky Kaushal is making his mark as a versatile actor in Bollywood. On the work front, Vicky will soon be seen in the movie “The Great Indian Family.” Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, known for “Dhoom 3,” the film also stars Manushi Chhillar in the lead role. It is scheduled for release on December 1 later this year.

Additionally, Vicky Kaushal has another exciting project in his pipeline, Meghna Gulzar’s “Sam Bahadur,” which has generated considerable buzz among his fans and the film industry.

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