The Viral Saga of ‘Lappu Sa Sachin’

The internet has an uncanny ability to immortalize moments, turning them into viral sensations that continue to resurface in conversations. One such phenomenon is the story of ‘Lappu Sa Sachin.’ It all began with a casual remark by Sachin Meena’s neighbor, which unexpectedly led to the birth of a new meme among Desis on social media. No matter the occasion, they always find a way to incorporate ‘Lappu Sa Sachin’ into their conversations in the most humorous manner.

The Social Media Prompt

This humorous episode resurfaced when a page on ‘X,’ formerly known as Twitter, posed a challenge to social media users. They shared an old photograph of an Indian politician and asked the intriguing question, “Guess The Name of This Politician? Presently He Is Chief Minister.”

Social Media Reactions

The responses began pouring in, and it didn’t take long for ‘Lappu Sa Sachin’ to make an appearance. The first comment immediately mentioned Sachin Meena, stating, “Ye to Lappu Sachin ha.” Another commenter echoed this sentiment, saying, “Lappu Sachin sa lag raha hai.” A third user chimed in, “Ye to #lappuSachin ki yaad dila rha hai…Waise dekhne se to nitish lg rha hai…Lekin iski shakal Sachin se bahut mil rahi.”

Unveiling the Politician

While the first comment garnered attention for its humor, the comments on the original post eventually identified the politician as ‘Nitish Kumar,’ the Chief Minister of Bihar.

Historical Context

Although Smartkhabrinews couldn’t confirm the exact date of Nitish Kumar’s picture, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time rare photos from his youth have surfaced on social media. Back in 2017, another set of his old photos made the rounds on ‘X.’ BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy shared them with the caption, “Rare photos of Nitish Kumar CM Bihar in his younger days,” back then. Even then, the comment section didn’t disappoint, with one user humorously remarking, “That’s the trivago guy.”


Indeed, social media is a peculiar realm where you never know when something will take an amusing turn and become yet another hot topic of discussion. The viral saga of ‘Lappu Sa Sachin’ is just one of many instances where the internet’s memory creates memorable moments that continue to entertain and bring people together.

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