A Texas Republican from the US House of Representatives, Ronny Jackson, has voiced concerns over the leadership of US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. According to Jackson, McCarthy’s speakership is in jeopardy because he has failed to address the demands put forth by fellow conservatives. Jackson suggests that McCarthy might need assistance from Democrats to avoid a potential government shutdown.

Speaking on the matter, Ronny Jackson expressed his worries about the lack of attention given to voices like his and those of the Freedom Caucus. He stated, “It’s going to be detrimental to leadership in the House, if they blow off the concerns of people like myself and the Freedom Caucus and some of the other people on the right that are making reasonable demands in this problem.” These comments were made during an episode of the War Room podcast hosted by Steve Bannon.

Further elaborating on his viewpoint, Jackson emphasized the consequences of relying on Democrats to pass crucial legislation in the House. He noted that this approach could pose a significant challenge for leadership. Jackson also asserted that challenges to McCarthy’s speakership are inevitable in such a scenario.

McCarthy recently informed Republicans that the House of Representatives will need to approve a short-term solution known as a continuing resolution to keep the government operational after the fiscal year ends on September 30. However, this proposal faced swift opposition from the House Freedom Caucus. The caucus made it clear that they will resist any stopgap government funding measures unless they address key issues, including the border crisis, concerns about the Department of Justice, and what they perceive as “woke” policies in the Pentagon.

Ronny Jackson himself advocated for specific provisions within the continuing resolution. He insisted that the resolution must include budget cuts for the Department of Justice. Another Texas Republican, Chip Roy, along with 14 other Texan Republicans, took a firm stance against voting for a continuing resolution or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill unless it addresses border security.

The congressional caucus outlined their expectations for the stopgap measure, stating that it should incorporate the “Secure the Border Act of 2023,” which aims to address issues related to illegal migration, human trafficking, and the influx of dangerous fentanyl. These demands have created challenges for House Republicans who hold a narrow majority and can only afford a limited number of dissenting votes to pass legislation. As a result, they must rely on support from Democrats to advance their agenda.

The House Freedom Caucus holds enough votes to thwart measures put forth by the Republican Party. Ronny Jackson emphasized the necessity for McCarthy to pay heed to the concerns of right-leaning voices. Jackson stated, “McCarthy is going to have to listen to the people on the right.”

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