Sunny Deol recently made a noteworthy appearance on Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast, titled ‘Sunny Deol Uncensored – Films, Zindagi and More.’ On ‘The Ranveer Show,’ he delved into various aspects of his life, including his childhood, fitness, and personal experiences. However, during a discussion about his childhood, the ‘Gadar 2’ actor shared something that immediately caught the audience’s attention, albeit for amusing reasons.

During the podcast, Sunny Deol shared that he had struggled with dyslexia during his childhood, a neurodevelopmental condition that primarily affects reading, writing, and spelling skills, often recognized as a specific learning disorder in children. He recounted how he used to be scolded for not studying due to this condition.

Sunny Deol’s Extraordinary IQ Claim

When asked by the host if this was a challenging period for him, the actor confidently claimed that his Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was exceptionally high. In his own words, “Mera IQ bhot high tha. I had a very high IQ because school main unhone mujhe test kiya tha so my IQ was over 160 something,” a statement that left Allahbadia quite surprised.

For those unfamiliar, the renowned physicist Albert Einstein, considered a genius, is said to have had an IQ around 160. Generally, anyone with an IQ above 140 is considered a genius, while the average person’s IQ falls around 100. So, Sunny Deol claiming to have an IQ higher than Einstein naturally raised eyebrows on social media, where fans started trolling him left, right and centre.

Social Media Reacts

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One user quipped, “I already knew sunny deol paaji has a 160 iq.. Only 160 iq guy can think quickly to pull hand pump in middle of fight where hundreds of people coming at you with swords absolute genius.” Another humorously commented, “Obviously Sunny Deol has a high IQ, he has beaten a film having both Einstein and Oppenheimer on box office with Gadar 2.”

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Whether Sunny Deol’s claim holds true or not remains uncertain, but it has undeniably sparked quite a buzz!

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