Jackie Shroff’s Latest Culinary Creation: Kaanda Bhindi

Jackie Shroff, the veteran Bollywood actor, has been captivating his audience not just through his on-screen performances but also with his culinary prowess. Despite his absence from the screen, Shroff continues to engage his fans by sharing insights into his cooking adventures. With his unique style and signature ‘Bhidu’ twist, he frequently unveils traditional recipes on social media.

The Buzz Around ‘Kaanda Bhindi’

After the internet went abuzz with his delightful recipe for ‘Baingan Ka Bharta,’ Jackie Shroff has once again taken the culinary world by storm with his newest creation – ‘Kaanda Bhindi.’ This simple yet flavorful dish has quickly caught the attention of food enthusiasts, igniting a trend of experimentation among Desis online.

Step-by-Step: Crafting Kaanda Bhindi

During a radio show, the 66-year-old actor shared a detailed step-by-step process for preparing ‘Kaanda Bhindi.’ Food vloggers Shivangi and Arjun, known for their Instagram page @thefoodwassogood, enthusiastically embraced the recipe and documented their experience for their online community.

“Chaukandi,” as Jackie affectionately terms them, finely cubed onions are the foundation of this dish. Soaking these diced onions in water is the first tip he shares to prevent any unwanted bacterial intrusion. Similarly, lady’s fingers are cut into uniform cubes.

A heated pan receives a drizzle of oil, followed by the addition of the chopped onions and lady’s fingers. Due to the dry nature of both vegetables, Jackie emphasizes the importance of not stirring them. The next step involves covering the pan and allowing the mixture to cook. Chopped garlic cloves are introduced, followed by a dash of salt to taste. Within minutes of cooking, this simple yet delectable Bhindi dish is ready to be enjoyed.

Watch the Viral Recipe Video

Experience the entire process of crafting ‘Kaanda Bhindi’ through a viral video shared by Shivangi and Arjun on their Instagram page. The video features Jackie Shroff’s narration alongside the vloggers’ visual representation of the cooking procedure. Check it out below:

Playful Comments and Reactions

While most viewers appreciated the presented recipe, the comment section of the video was filled with playful jests aimed at Jackie Shroff’s unique culinary techniques. One user humorously suggested, “Bhidu restaurant,” while another playfully recommended, “Just open a cooking show…instant hit.” Since its sharing, the video has amassed an impressive 4.7 million views, showcasing the wide appeal of both the dish and Shroff’s culinary skills.

Recalling ‘Anda Kari Patta’

This isn’t the first time Jackie Shroff’s culinary creations have gone viral. Previously, his recipe for ‘Anda Kari Patta’ captured the attention of food enthusiasts. This distinctive recipe involves separating egg yolks from egg whites and frying curry leaves in a separate pan. Once the oil reaches the optimal temperature, the ‘Tadka’ of curry leaves is combined with the beaten eggs and returned to the hot pan, resulting in the delightful ‘Anda Kari Patta’ dish.

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