From Bihar to St. Stephen’s: Eva Tiwari’s Remarkable Success

Bihar’s daughter, Eva Tiwari, is currently making headlines for her extraordinary achievement in Delhi. She has emerged victorious in the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), securing admission to one of India’s most esteemed institutions, St. Stephen’s College at Delhi University. Eva’s journey to this prestigious college stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment and hard work.

Acing the CUET: An Unparalleled Feat

Eva Tiwari’s excellence shines through as she attains a remarkable feat – scoring a flawless 100 percentile in all six subjects of the CUET. This remarkable accomplishment places her among a mere four students across the nation who achieved this remarkable milestone. Eva’s dedication and focus have clearly set her apart, showcasing her as an inspiration to aspiring students.

“I started preparing for this exam during Class 12. During this time, I only used to rely on NCERT books, and the result is in front of all of you,”

In a recent interaction with Smartkhabrinews, Eva humbly attributes her success to her mother’s unwavering support and the guidance found within the NCERT books. Her approach of relying on foundational resources and hard work has undoubtedly paid off.

A Mother’s Inspiration and Guidance

Eva’s journey to success is rooted in her mother’s guidance and inspiration. Aarti Tiwari, Eva’s mother, has been a driving force in fostering Eva’s dedication to her studies. Eva’s strong academic foundation dates back to her earlier years, evident from her exceptional performance in Class 10 exams where she secured 98.4 per cent marks, followed by 97.8 per cent marks in Class 12. Aarti Tiwari emphasizes that Eva’s passion for learning has been apparent since childhood.

Furthermore, Eva expresses her gratitude towards her mother for helping her strike a balance between academic pursuits and personal life. Aarti Tiwari played an instrumental role in steering Eva away from distractions, ensuring that her focus remained steadfast on her educational journey.

Charting the Path Forward

With her impressive achievements as a foundation, Eva Tiwari looks forward to her time at St. Stephen’s College with optimism and a thirst for knowledge. While her academic journey thus far has been marked by exceptional accomplishments, Eva remains open to exploring various avenues for her future career. She elucidates that she intends to make the most of her college experience to identify her passions and interests, which will ultimately shape her career trajectory. Importantly, Eva notes that her family supports her in this journey, allowing her to pursue her aspirations without undue pressure.

Inspiration from Ishaan Shahabadi

Eva Tiwari’s success is also a part of a broader narrative of achievement at CUET. In the previous year, Ishaan Shahabadi, a resident of Delhi, secured a perfect score of 800 out of 800 in CUET UG 2022. Ishaan’s success story led him to St. Stephen’s College, where he is currently pursuing a BA (Hons) in English. His interest in politics serves as a driving force, fueling his aspirations of a career in journalism or civil services.

The Road Ahead

Eva Tiwari’s journey stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, not only for the students of Bihar but for aspirants across the nation. Her unwavering dedication, reliance on fundamental resources, and the support of her family have paved the way for her exceptional achievements. As Eva embarks on the next chapter of her educational journey at St. Stephen’s, her story serves as a reminder that hard work, determination, and family support are integral ingredients in the recipe for success.

With the CUET continuing to provide a platform for exceptional individuals like Eva and Ishaan, the future shines bright for the young minds of India, poised to contribute significantly to society.

Disclaimer: This article is based on information available up to September 2021. Subsequent developments may not be included.

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