Securing Nursery Admission in Delhi-NCR: A Challenging Journey

Securing a nursery admission in the Delhi-NCR region has emerged as a complex and often stressful process for parents venturing into the realm of school admissions for the first time. The intricacies of school admission procedures and the specific requirements can leave parents bewildered and uncertain about how to proceed. Against this backdrop, Ashneer Grover, co-founder of Bharat Pe, shared his insightful perspective on the challenges that parents encounter when attempting to secure a spot for their children in schools.

In a recent tweet, Grover highlighted the daunting nature of securing admission to private schools in Delhi-NCR, drawing an eye-catching analogy. He stated that gaining admission to coveted private schools in the region is, in fact, more arduous than successfully navigating the entrance examination for the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The tweet resonates with the struggles faced by parents in ensuring a place for their 4-year-old children in their preferred nursery schools.

“It’s tougher to get your 4-year-old kid admission in Nursery in your preferred private school than it is to enter IITs. At least in Delhi NCR. Ask any parent who has gone through the process in the last 10 years. Demand for coveted schools far outstrips supply,”

Ashneer Grover

Grover’s wit shines through as he humorously suggests that if nursery school seats were put up for auction in Delhi-NCR, the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction would likely rank second in terms of magnitude. This witty remark encapsulates the intensity of the competition and demand for nursery school admissions in the region.

Parental Agreement and Shared Experiences

Many parents took to the micro-blogging site to voice their agreement with Grover’s sentiments, and in doing so, they shed light on the current state of school admissions. Some parents stressed that the financial implications of nursery admissions can be significant, akin to college fees. For them, the pursuit of admission becomes more about prestige than the actual quality of education.

“And the rates too are nothing less than any college fees. It’s more about prestige and not about quality of education.” – Rohit Aryan

Others chimed in with personal anecdotes and reflections on the unique dynamics that high demand for nursery school seats creates within the education system. One Twitter user humorously likened a local school to a car exhibition due to the extravagant show put on during admission hours.

“This school near my place is less of a school and more of a car exhibition at 2 in the noon.” – AWB

A Glimpse of the Realities

Further insights into the situation were provided by additional user responses:

User Comment
Batman_Returns It costed 1.5 lac around for one of my friend’s nephew to get admission into nursery
Truth Seeker Is true for Bangalore too. Money apart what these schools do to young children in the name of entrance test is reprehensible.
spazz – e/acc Man’s absolutely right. It’s an unholy mess right now. The only reason we got lucky with our 3 year old was we enrolled him into the IB batch and this was the schools first batch.
Abhas Kumar Shrivastava (Chad) Very true. Imagine paying 20-25 L for getting a kid into Nursery, that’s how my two of my nieces got into a school. It’s better to get schooling done somewhere else than NCR. It’s a messed up area, high crime, reckless traffic, broken culture, etc.
PN11 – 𝕏 Ohh yes it’s very tough !! Even Mumbai is not far .. school admission these days has become a nightmare .. one of the most dreaded 😅

The sentiment of the Twitter community reflects the consensus on the uphill battle of securing nursery admissions, not only in Delhi-NCR but also in other major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. The competitive nature of the admissions process and the considerable financial investments involved have turned the endeavor into a formidable challenge for parents.


Ashneer Grover’s comparison of nursery school admissions with the highly esteemed IIT entrance examination highlights the hurdles that parents must overcome to secure a place for their children in prestigious private schools. The anecdotes and reflections shared by fellow parents on social media serve as a testament to the intense competition and unique dynamics that define the landscape of nursery school admissions in India.

In a world where education is highly valued and sought after, the journey of securing a nursery admission has emerged as a formidable feat, often involving significant financial investments and strategic planning. As parents continue to navigate this challenging terrain, the conversation sparked by Ashneer Grover sheds light on the need for reform and innovation within the education system to ensure fair and accessible opportunities for all.

Indeed, the path to nursery admission in Delhi-NCR and beyond is paved with complexities, yet it is also a reflection of the unwavering determination of parents to provide the best possible start for their children’s educational journey.

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