Rare Apple Advertisement Handwritten by Steve Jobs Sold for $175,759

We’ve witnessed legacy Apple devices such as the inaugural iPhone and iPods fetching substantial amounts at auctions. Yet, it’s a rare occurrence to encounter advertisements, especially handwritten ones, being sold for an astounding $175,759 or around Rs 1.44 crore. This remarkable amount was paid for an Apple advertisement penned by none other than Steve Jobs himself. The advertisement was recently auctioned at RR Auction.

As reported by MacRumors, the ad provides an insight into the details and features of the groundbreaking Apple-1 computer, accompanied by additional information envisioned by Steve Jobs. The ad contains the phrase, “Board only manual, $75. A real deal,” offering a glimpse into Jobs’ sales pitch. What makes this ad even more exceptional is that it’s handwritten and bears Steve Jobs’ signature. Additionally, the advertisement includes the address of Steve Jobs’ parents, which holds historical significance as the birthplace of Apple.

MacRumors highlights that this ad draft corresponds to the first print advertisement of the Apple-1, showcased in the July 1976 edition of Interface magazine. To add to the collector’s appeal, the RR Auction included two Polaroid images of the Apple-1, accompanied by a note from Steve Jobs himself, describing one of the images as “fuzzy (photo) because camera wiggled.”

The Apple-1: A Glimpse into History

For those unacquainted, the Apple-1 marked a pivotal moment in computing history. Designed by Apple and launched on April 11, 1976, this 8-bit desktop computer laid the foundation for the tech giant’s future endeavors. Notably, both Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs liquidated their valuable possessions to fund this innovative project.

The computer debuted with a modest starting price of $666.66 and was equipped with a MOS6502 processor, clocked at a groundbreaking 1MHz. However, the production of this pioneering desktop computer ceased on September 30, 1977, just a few months after Apple introduced its successor, the Apple-2.

Auction Success and Brand Legacy

Recent years have seen a surge in the prices of legacy Apple devices at auctions, benefiting both auction houses and the fortunate owners of these technological relics. In a notable auction in 2019, an original Apple 1 computer, sold in 1976, garnered an astonishing £371,000 (approximately Rs 3.8 crores in today’s currency). The fervor for vintage Apple products among collectors continues to thrive.

Furthermore, the allure of Apple’s brand value was evident this year when a first-generation sealed iPhone commanded a hefty price of $63,356 (approximately Rs 53 lakh). These instances underscore the enduring charm and demand for classic Apple products, solidifying the company’s iconic status in the world of technology.

“The Apple advertisement penned by Steve Jobs is not just a piece of history; it’s a testament to the visionary’s persuasive prowess and the timeless appeal of Apple products.” – [Your Name], Tech Enthusiast

In conclusion, the recent sale of a handwritten Apple advertisement by Steve Jobs for an impressive $175,759 serves as a poignant reminder of the brand’s influential legacy. This auctioned piece not only encapsulates the early marketing efforts of Apple but also highlights the enduring allure of vintage tech among avid collectors.

As the world continues to marvel at Apple’s present innovations, this auctioned artifact offers a nostalgic glance back to where it all began—the visionary groundwork laid by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, which ultimately sparked a revolution in the tech industry.

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