Rajinikanth Becomes Highest Paid Actor in India Following Jailer’s Blockbuster Success

Rajinikanth, the iconic Indian actor, has achieved a significant milestone in his career, emerging as the highest paid actor in the country after the monumental success of his latest release, Jailer. The film has garnered a staggering worldwide collection of over Rs 564.35 crore, catapulting Rajinikanth to new heights of fame and fortune.

Historic Success of Jailer

Rajinikanth with Cheque The triumphant success of Jailer has been a game-changer for both Rajinikanth and the film’s producer, Kalanithi Maran of Sun Pictures. In a remarkable gesture of recognition, Kalanithi Maran presented a substantial cheque to the legendary actor as a token of celebration for the film’s historic achievement.

The official social media account of Sun Pictures captured this momentous occasion, sharing an image of the meeting between Mr. Kalanithi Maran and Superstar Rajinikanth. The post read, “Mr. Kalanithi Maran met Superstar Rajinikanth and handed over a cheque, celebrating the historic success of Jailer.”

“Info coming in that, the envelope handed over by Kalanithi Maran to superstar Rajinikanth contains a single cheque amounting Rs 100 crore from City Union Bank, Mandaveli branch, Chennai. This is a Jailer profit sharing cheque which is up and above the already paid remuneration [Rs 110 cr] of superstar for the movie. Total – Rs 210 crore. Making superstar Rajinikanth the highest paid actor in India.” – Film trade expert Manobala Vijayabalan

Film trade expert Manobala Vijayabalan provided insights into the financial significance of the gesture. According to his revelations, the cheque handed over to Rajinikanth includes a staggering Rs 100 crore from City Union Bank, Mandaveli branch, Chennai. This profit-sharing cheque, combined with Rajinikanth’s initial remuneration of Rs 110 crore, amounts to an astonishing total of Rs 210 crore. With this, Rajinikanth has solidified his position as the highest paid actor in the Indian film industry.

Global Triumph of Jailer

Jailer Movie Poster The remarkable success of Jailer extends beyond national borders. As reported by Sacnilk, the film has secured its place as the third-highest-grossing South Indian film in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. It stands only behind the monumental successes of KGF: Chapter 2 and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

Since its release on August 10, Jailer has amassed an astonishing Rs 500 crore worldwide within a mere span of 10 days. Directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, the film’s phenomenal business both within India and overseas underscores its universal appeal and Rajinikanth’s enduring popularity.

Digital Streaming and Satellite Rights

Streaming Platforms In a strategic move, Kalanithi Maran’s Sun Pictures has acquired the digital streaming rights for Jailer in collaboration with Netflix. This partnership ensures that the film will be available for streaming on the Sun NXT platform, offering viewers the convenience of enjoying the blockbuster from the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, Sun Network has successfully secured the satellite rights for Jailer in multiple versions, including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. This extensive coverage across different languages reflects the network’s confidence in the film’s potential to captivate audiences across diverse regions.

A New Milestone for Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth in Jailer Rajinikanth’s journey in the entertainment industry has been characterized by remarkable achievements and unwavering fan support. With the monumental success of Jailer, he has not only delivered a cinematic triumph but has also elevated his status to that of the highest paid actor in India.

The film’s exceptional performance at the box office and its resounding global impact are a testament to Rajinikanth’s enduring star power and the enduring appeal of his performances. As the legendary actor continues to bask in the glory of his achievements, fans eagerly await his next cinematic endeavor, anticipating yet another chapter of cinematic excellence.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available sources and is subject to change as further details emerge.

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