NSA Doval Discusses Terrorism with Canadian Counterpart

National security adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval and his Canadian counterpart have been engaging in discussions about various issues affecting both countries, with a particular focus on counterterrorism efforts, according to top Indian government sources who spoke to CNN-Smartkhabrinews. This dialogue comes amid a growing diplomatic standoff between India and Canada.

Sharing of Information

NSA Doval has been forthright in conveying information about individuals he suspects of causing trouble and involvement in terrorist activities who are believed to be residing in Canada, as per the sources. He consistently shares lists of wanted fugitives and letters rogatory (LRs) from various Indian agencies and state police. Additionally, he has been providing intelligence inputs and intercepts, including the locations of these individuals, on a regular basis.

Seeking Evidence

On the other hand, Doval’s Canadian counterpart has raised concerns about alleged Indian involvement in certain activities. In response, Doval has explicitly requested evidence and FIRs to substantiate these claims. He has emphasized the importance of concrete proof before initiating investigations.

Lack of Cooperation

Government sources have expressed their frustration with the Canadian government’s lack of cooperation in multiple terrorism-related cases, where attacks with Canadian ties have occurred. They note that numerous letters rogatory are pending with Canada, and there has been no response from Canadian authorities. Despite possessing video and audio evidence, no arrests have been made.

Canada’s Response

Although Canada’s NSA was recently briefed by Indian agencies, there has been no substantial response from the Canadian side, leaving Indian officials concerned about the lack of action. They argue that individuals threatening the security of Hindus in India operate from Canadian soil with impunity.

Khalistani Separatist

Furthermore, sources assert that the gang war that led to the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada can be traced back to the harboring of terrorist groups within the country. Indian officials vow to present their cases and evidence to the international community, highlighting Canada’s alleged involvement in reviving Khalistani terrorism in India.

In conclusion, the discussions between NSA Doval and his Canadian counterpart revolve around crucial security matters, particularly the issue of terrorism. While India has been forthcoming with intelligence and information, Canada’s perceived lack of cooperation in addressing terrorism-related cases remains a point of contention.

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