Mysterious Bunker-Like Door Spotted on Google Maps in Antarctica

We often use Google Maps to get directions to our destinations. This Google tool also helps us to know what time we will reach the shortest route by escaping the heavy traffic in between. However, Google Maps users have found something intriguing. They believe that they have spotted what appears to be a secret door of a so-called Nazi bunker hidden in Antarctica, where they suggest that Adolf Hitler might have survived World War 2.

According to The Mirror, a Facebook user shared a screenshot on July 30 of the supposed door of the bunker amid the sheets of snow. The image from Google Maps shows a shadowed, square-shaped mark resembling an entryway which is hidden in the east of the vast Antarctic ice sheet.

The conspiracy theorists were quick to react that the “door” might be a secret base of the government or can be even a hidden bunker of Nazis that they made during World War 2.

Suggestions have been pouring and one of the users even believed that it could be a home of a fascist hideaway. There is another conspiracy theory which claims that the Nazis survived after the war in a hidden base in Antarctica. In 1938, the German expedition to Antarctica in an attempt to procure whale oil has been adding fuel to conspiracy theories.

Among these, the most popular theory mentions that war criminals constructed a huge military base beneath the ice during the time they were on the continent and the elite Nazis supposedly survived in the aftermath of the war. While some also suggest that the ominous shape of the door could be home to other fabled beings like a Snowman or giants due to the size of it.

Some social media users also compared the door to the mysterious photograph of the alien door on Mars which was circulated in May 2022. Although NASA later cleared that it was just a rock formation.

Headline Description
Strange Discovery Google Maps users have spotted a mysterious door resembling a bunker in Antarctica, leading to speculations about its origin.
Conspiracy Theories Emerge Conspiracy theorists suggest the door might be a hidden Nazi bunker or a secret government base.
Speculations of Nazi Presence Some believe the door could be linked to claims of Nazis surviving in Antarctica after World War 2.
Historical Context The German expedition to Antarctica in 1938 adds fuel to theories about secret bases.
Elite Nazis and Hidden Bases Popular theory suggests elite Nazis may have constructed a hidden military base in Antarctica.
Unearthly Possibilities Speculations arise about the door being connected to mythical creatures or beings.
Comparison with Mars Social media users compare the door to a similar alien-like feature seen on Mars.

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