Released in 2007, the romantic-comedy, Jab We Met, was a big hit and continues to rule hearts even today. Fans have long clamored for a sequel to this beloved film, and it seems their wishes might finally be coming true. According to a report by Times Now, plans for Jab We Met 2 are “taking shape.”

As per the entertainment portal’s report, Raj Mehta, the proprietor of Ashtavinayak, will produce the movie under the Gandhar Films banner. Gandhar Group, with a 30-year history in the oil refinery sector, ventured into the entertainment industry in 2021 with the establishment of Gandhar Films and Studio Private Limited. Additionally, there are strong indications that Imtiaz Ali, who directed the first film, is likely to helm the sequel as well.

Will Kareena and Shahid Reunite?

While there has been no official announcement regarding Jab We Met 2 from the makers, speculation is rife about whether the film will bring exes Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor back together on-screen. Fans are eager to see them reprise their iconic roles as Geet and Aditya.

Jab We Met was re-released in theaters earlier this year, sparking renewed discussions about the potential sequel. During an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Shahid Kapoor shared his perspective on the matter. He said, “It really depends on the quality of that script. So if there is a script that demands a sequel and I feel it is the kind of script that can match up to the original, I would do it. But if I feel it’s not up to par and I’m just trying to capitalize on the brand value of the original, then I feel that, ‘Why are you doing it? Don’t do it.'”

The 42-year-old actor also showered praise on Kareena Kapoor, emphasizing that no other actress can do justice to the character of Geet the way she did. “I cannot comment on my role, but for Geet (Kareena Kapoor’s character), I really doubt anybody else will be able to do that kind of justice,” he added.


While the excitement surrounding Jab We Met 2 continues to build, fans will have to wait for an official confirmation from the makers. The prospect of reuniting the iconic duo of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor has generated significant buzz, and it remains to be seen whether this beloved Bollywood pair will grace the silver screen together once more.

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