The G20 India Mobile App: Revolutionizing the G20 Summit Experience

The government has launched the highly anticipated G20 India Mobile App, a comprehensive digital platform, to provide users an immersive and informative experience for the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi. The app boasts of a range of features to make the G20 Summit accessible to the global audience and enhance the experience for participants and foreign delegates.

“During a media briefing, officials told Smartkhabrinews that till Tuesday, 15,000 users had downloaded the app, but it is highly possible that the number may have jumped to 25,000 now.”

This app will function till the end of India’s G20 presidency. One of the standout features of the G20 India Mobile App is its multilingual support. Users can find five official United Nations languages – English, Hindi, German, Japanese, and Portuguese – ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for a diverse international audience.

Logo, Theme, and Host Cities

The app offers a wealth of information about the G20 Summit and India’s presidency, including details about the summit’s logo, theme, and host cities. Users can also access pages dedicated to each G20 leader, complete with their official websites, allowing for a deeper understanding of their policies and initiatives.

For those interested in the substantive work of the G20, the app provides detailed information about the various workstreams and engagement groups involved in the summit. This feature enables users to explore the specific areas of focus and engagement within the G20 framework. It offers insights into the G20 Secretariat and provides contact points for engagement groups, facilitating seamless communication and coordination among stakeholders.

Virtual Tours and Highlights

Users can stay updated with the G20 India event calendar and access virtual tours via the app. The navigation option will help the foreign delegates select the start and end points which will help them find the route to a specific destination inside the Bharat Mandapam. Furthermore, the app includes an Explore India option which will be useful to know about the diverse culture, architecture, and achievements of India.

A comprehensive media and resources section within the app offers press releases, official documents, speeches, delegate experiences, photos, videos, and more. Users can stay connected with the G20 India story through this feature. The ‘What’s New’ section keeps users informed about the latest updates and developments related to the G20 Summit.

Similarly, the “Jan Bhagidari” feature encourages public engagement and participation in the G20 process. The app provides a user-friendly registration and accreditation system, ensuring a smooth experience for attendees and participants. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during an interaction with the Council of Ministers meeting, has urged all ministers to download the mobile app ahead of the G20 summit. He said the G20 app would help the ministers interact with foreign delegates seamlessly.

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