The Capital City’s 5G Transformation

Mobile users in Delhi have reason to rejoice as the city gears up for the G20 Summit. The Indian government has taken swift action to enhance the 5G network infrastructure in Delhi, promising faster 5G speeds and fewer call drops. This transformation is not only aimed at accommodating international dignitaries but also at ensuring that the local population enjoys seamless 5G connectivity.

Boosting Base Stations

One of the key drivers behind this infrastructure upgrade is the significant increase in the number of base stations across the city. Currently, Delhi boasts a remarkable 10,662 base stations, a substantial jump from the previous 5,718. This surge in base stations is poised to revolutionize the 5G landscape in Delhi, ultimately benefitting its residents.

“5G networks were launched in the region earlier this year, allowing millions to access the high-speed network for connectivity on their smartphones.”

While 5G networks were introduced earlier in the year, the city’s high population density often led to data speeds falling short of expectations. However, the deployment of double the number of base transceiver stations (BTS) promises to elevate the speed and performance of 5G networks, offering a more satisfying experience for users.

Free Wi-Fi at G20 Summit Venue

As Delhi prepares to host the G20 Summit, attendees at the Bharat Mandapam complex within Pragati Maidan will enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi services. This service will cater to diplomats and ministers from across the globe, ensuring they stay connected seamlessly during the event.

Simplified SIM Activation for International Visitors

Recognizing the importance of mobile OTPs (One-Time Passwords) for international delegates, the Indian government has streamlined the process for obtaining local SIM cards. Foreign nationals attending the G20 Summit will only need their passports for SIM card activation. This convenient measure enables them to use their local SIMs for various purposes, including making payments and ordering food.

It’s essential to note that this one-time SIM activation convenience is exclusively available to foreign nationals and officials visiting India for the G20 Summit, scheduled for September 9 to September 10.

In Conclusion

Delhi’s rapid 5G infrastructure enhancement in preparation for the G20 Summit is set to elevate the city’s mobile connectivity to new heights. With an increased number of base stations, free Wi-Fi at the Summit venue, and simplified SIM activation for international delegates, Delhi is gearing up to deliver a seamless and efficient communication experience to both its residents and global visitors.

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