Canadian Hindu Temple Vandalized with Anti-India Message

In a disturbing incident, a Hindu temple in Canada’s British Columbia province has become the latest target of vandalism, with an anti-India message spray-painted in black. This act of vandalism at the Shree Mata Bhameshwari Durga Devi Society in Surrey has raised serious concerns over the increasing frequency of such attacks on Hindu places of worship in the country.

Spreading Fear Through Graffiti

The graffiti found on the temple premises included messages like “Punjab is not India,” reflecting a deliberate attempt to create fear and division within the community. This incident has once again highlighted the urgent need to address the rising acts of vandalism targeting religious institutions.

Sameer Kaushal, the News Director at Radio AM600 in Richmond, BC, expressed his concerns on social media platform X, saying, “SurreyBC A Hindu temple Shree Mata Bhameshwari Durga Devi Society has been vandalized with black spray paint. These kinds of cowardly attacks are on the rise to create terror amongst the community. @SurreyRCMP has been notified.”

The Troubling Trend of Attacks on Hindu Temples

Unfortunately, the vandalism of Hindu temples is not an isolated incident in Canada. Over the past few years, there has been a concerning rise in attacks on Hindu places of worship across the country. These incidents not only target the physical sanctity of these temples but also have a profound impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of the Hindu community.

The reasons behind such acts of vandalism are complex and varied, with some motivated by ignorance and prejudice, while others may have political or ideological agendas. Regardless of the motivations, these attacks must be condemned unequivocally, and measures must be taken to prevent their recurrence.

Community Unity and Solidarity

In response to such incidents, the Hindu community in Canada, along with various interfaith groups and organizations, has consistently advocated for unity and solidarity. They emphasize the importance of fostering mutual understanding, respect, and tolerance among diverse religious and cultural communities.

It is essential to recognize that such acts of vandalism do not represent the views of the broader Canadian society, which values diversity and inclusivity. By coming together and raising awareness about the significance of religious freedom and peaceful coexistence, communities can work towards preventing such hate-driven incidents.

Law Enforcement’s Role

Law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of religious institutions. Prompt action in investigating and apprehending those responsible for such acts is essential to send a strong message that hate crimes will not be tolerated in Canada.

Additionally, community engagement and outreach programs by law enforcement can help build trust and encourage community members to report any suspicious activities or threats promptly. Collaborative efforts between law enforcement, religious leaders, and community organizations are vital in addressing this issue effectively.

Education and Awareness

Education is a powerful tool in combatting ignorance and prejudice. Schools and educational institutions can play a significant role in promoting cultural and religious diversity education, fostering empathy, and dispelling stereotypes.

Furthermore, public awareness campaigns can help educate the broader population about the importance of religious freedom and the consequences of hate-fueled actions. By raising awareness, societies can collectively reject hatred and discrimination.


“The vandalism of the Shree Mata Bhameshwari Durga Devi Society in Surrey is a stark reminder that we must remain vigilant in safeguarding our diverse and inclusive society. Hate-driven acts have no place in Canada, and it is our collective responsibility to stand against them.” – [Your Name], [Your Position]

The recent vandalism of a Hindu temple in British Columbia is a troubling incident that underscores the need for continued efforts to promote tolerance, understanding, and unity among Canada’s diverse communities. By condemning such acts, fostering solidarity, and working collaboratively with law enforcement and educational institutions, Canada can strive to ensure that hate-fueled vandalism becomes a thing of the past.

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