Apple has made the iPhone 15 Pro Max easier to repair, but even with these improvements, attempting to fix the iPhone at home is not advised. A recent iFixit teardown of the latest iPhone Pro Max reveals some welcome changes that make it simpler to repair the device’s back panel.

The report highlights that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s glass back panel can now be removed without the need to take apart the display first. This marks a significant improvement, as the previous iPhone 14 Pro Max required screen removal before accessing the back panel. This alteration comes after a comprehensive overhaul of the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s internal components.

However, Apple continues to impose software restrictions on specific components, complicating repairs or replacements from third-party service centers. These limitations offset the positive changes to the back panel, resulting in the iPhone 15 Pro Max receiving the same repairability score of 4 out of 10 as its predecessor, the iPhone 14 series, which is disappointing news for users.

Apple’s stringent control over which components can be used in iPhones remains a significant obstacle, and the Configuration system tool remains an integral part of the repair process. Consequently, despite the improved back panel, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 4/10 rating from iFixit clearly discourages users from attempting DIY repairs.

While it is now easier to replace the glass back panel, a separate concern has emerged this year. Several drop tests have shown that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s panel is susceptible to scratches and even breakage in some cases. Apple has reduced the price for changing the panel this year, indicating that the company anticipates an increased need for panel repairs or replacements.

Some videos have surfaced showcasing how easily the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s panel can get scratched or damaged. This may result in users having to visit Apple service centers multiple times to address panel issues. Despite the improved repairability in one aspect, these concerns highlight the importance of proper protection for your device.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Repairability
Aspect Score (Out of 10)
Back Panel Replacement 8
Software Restrictions 2
Overall Repairability 4

In conclusion, while Apple has made strides in improving the repairability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it still falls short of being a DIY-friendly device. Users are advised to exercise caution and consider professional repair services, especially in cases of panel damage or other complex issues.

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