Alia Bhatt Drops Out of Nitish Tiwari’s Ramayan Due to Date Issues

Alia Bhatt will no longer be part of Nitish Tiwari’s upcoming film Ramayan, according to a new report. The actress had previously been approached to play the role of Sita in the film but has now exited the project. Ranbir Kapoor is still on board to play Lord Ram, while Yash is in talks to portray the character of Raavan.

A source revealed that Alia’s decision to leave the film was due to scheduling conflicts. “The actress was in talks for the role of Goddess Sita, but the collaboration didn’t work out because of date issues,” the source told Pinkvilla.

The filming of Ramayan was originally scheduled to begin in December of this year. However, it appears that there has been a shift in the timeline. The source also mentioned that the film, which is planned to be a three-part epic, is currently in the pre-production stage and may not be fully prepared by December.

“A magnum opus like Ramayana requires time and intense pre-production work, as they are going into the smallest details of everything to get it right on screen. which is why things are progressing at a slower pace,” the insider explained.

While Alia has exited the project, it is still uncertain whether Yash will be a part of the film. It has been reported that the makers are optimistic about casting him in the role of Raavan, but he has not yet signed on. Yash is also committed to working with director Geethu Mohandas for a big-scale action thriller, and his decision to join Ramayan will depend on his priorities.

The directors Nitesh Tiwari and Ravi Udhyawar, along with producers Madhu Mantena and Namit Malhotra, are hopeful that Ramayan will begin filming in mid-2024.


Alia Bhatt has dropped out of Nitish Tiwari’s Ramayan due to date issues. Ranbir Kapoor remains committed to playing Lord Ram, while Yash’s involvement in the film is still in talks. The three-part epic is currently in pre-production and may not start filming until mid-2024.

Table: Cast and Characters

Actor Character
Ranbir Kapoor Lord Ram
Yash Raavan (in talks)

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