Businesses Prepare for a Festive Surge in Demand for Gig Workers

In preparation for the upcoming festive season, Awign, a prominent work-as-a-service platform, has reported a significant increase in businesses’ demand for gig workers across various sectors. This surge in demand is expected to create a milestone in festive season arrangements.

Awign anticipates that this festive season will witness a substantial rise in the demand for gig workers compared to the previous year’s festivities. Last year, more than 1.5 million tasks were completed between September and December. However, this year, Awign projects that it will handle over 2.5 million tasks, reflecting the growing need for gig workers.

Looking ahead, Awign has also observed a notable increase in demand from prominent players in the e-commerce, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), and FMCG/CD (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods/Consumer Durables) sectors. Companies are seeking gig workers to fulfill various business operations, including seller and merchant onboarding, seller audits, catalog operations, and retail activation, among others.

Awign has forecasted a quarter-on-quarter growth of 25%, driven by consumer demand during the festive period. Rohit Gupta, Senior Vice President of Demand at Awign, emphasized the proactive approach of businesses in preparing for increased consumer spending during the festive season. Gupta stated, “Given the temporary nature of these requirements, the gig model emerges as the preferred choice for companies. We are currently witnessing a surge in demand from industry leaders across various sectors and are predicting a 25% quarter-on-quarter growth in response to this trend.”

The Agile Solution of the Gig Economy

The report highlights that the gig economy offers an agile solution that empowers enterprises to adapt their business operations according to specific demands. This flexibility allows businesses to address seasonal surges in demand without the need for extensive recruitment, resource management, or training efforts.

BFSI Sector Experiences Remarkable Growth

In another report by TeamLease, the BFSI sector is experiencing significant growth in credit card sales, personal finance, and retail insurance, driven by increased consumer spending and confidence in the economy. This heightened activity is expected to create approximately 50,000 temporary jobs in the second half of 2023, as BFSI firms expand their workforce to meet the rising demand for financial products.

Top In-Demand Job Roles

Indeed, a global matching and hiring platform, recently conducted a survey that revealed the hiring outlook as the festive season approaches. The report outlines the six most in-demand job roles for this festive season.

Job Role Description
1. E-commerce Operations Managing online sales, order processing, and customer support for e-commerce businesses.
2. Customer Service Representatives Handling customer inquiries, resolving issues, and providing exceptional service.
3. Delivery Drivers Responsible for timely and safe delivery of goods to customers.
4. Sales Associates Assisting customers with product information and making sales.
5. Data Entry Specialists Accurate data entry and maintenance of essential records.
6. Warehouse Staff Managing inventory, organizing shipments, and ensuring efficient warehouse operations.

As businesses gear up for the festive season, the demand for gig workers continues to rise, providing opportunities for job seekers in various roles. With the gig economy offering a flexible solution, companies can adapt to increased demand and ensure a smooth festive season for consumers.

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