Spanish Football Star Files Criminal Complaint

Spanish football sensation Jenni Hermoso has taken a bold step by filing a criminal complaint against Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish soccer federation. The complaint comes in the wake of an unsolicited kiss Hermoso received from Rubiales during the Women’s World Cup awards ceremony.

The national prosecutor’s office has confirmed the filing of this complaint, marking a crucial development in what has become a high-profile case. The complaint could pave the way for a preliminary investigation into the alleged “sexual assault” that occurred during the awards ceremony.

Key Details Relevant Information
Complaint Filing Date Tuesday
Alleged Crime Sexual Assault
Consequences Possible Criminal Charges

Controversial Kiss Sparks Legal Action

The incident in question took place during the awards ceremony following Spain’s victory over England in the Women’s World Cup, which occurred on August 20th in Sydney, Australia. Luis Rubiales, then-president of the Spanish soccer federation, kissed Hermoso on the lips, an action that has since become a subject of controversy and dispute.

“I did not want to be kissed, and I felt vulnerable and a victim of aggression,”

– Jenni Hermoso

Jenni Hermoso has firmly denied that the kiss was consensual. She has also revealed that she and her family faced pressure from the federation to publicly support Rubiales in the aftermath of the scandal caused by the controversial kiss, which marred her team’s moment of triumph.

Legal Repercussions for Rubiales

The consequences for Luis Rubiales have been swift and severe. Apart from the criminal complaint, he is currently under investigation by Spain’s top sport court for “serious misconduct.” Furthermore, FIFA, the global governing body of football, has provisionally suspended Rubiales from his office.

Rubiales’ suspension by FIFA came on August 27th, just a day after he defiantly refused to step down during a speech to the general assembly of the Spanish soccer federation. In his address, Rubiales claimed that he was the victim of a “witch hunt” orchestrated by “false feminists.”

Late last month, the prosecutor for Spain’s High Court stated that Rubiales could potentially face a sexual assault charge, carrying a prison term of one to four years, should Jenni Hermoso decide to file a complaint. The High Court has jurisdiction in this case because the incident occurred abroad, in Sydney, Australia.

Support for Jenni Hermoso

Jenni Hermoso has garnered widespread support from Spain’s government, players’ unions, fellow athletes, and citizens. Many have rallied behind her, expressing solidarity and condemning the actions of Luis Rubiales.

Despite the mounting pressure and public outcry, Luis Rubiales has not resigned from his position. His conduct during the awards ceremony and subsequent events have led to him being ostracized in the world of soccer.

Outrage Over Rubiales’ Behavior

Luis Rubiales’ behavior during the Women’s World Cup final and the subsequent fallout have caused outrage both in Spain and internationally. In addition to the controversial kiss, he attracted further criticism by grabbing his crotch while standing in close proximity to Spain’s Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter during the final match.

The case continues to draw attention as it unfolds, with many eagerly awaiting the outcome of the criminal complaint and the investigations into Rubiales’ actions.

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