The ‘Jawan’ Fever Sweeping the Nation: Shah Rukh Khan’s Spectacular Impact

Shah Rukh Khan’s magnetic charm has once again cast its spell on the nation, and the ‘Jawan’ fever is spreading like wildfire. Fans across India have eagerly secured advance bookings for the film’s opening day, which is set for tomorrow, September 7. This nationwide cinema frenzy fueled by SRK’s charisma has not only shattered records in advance sales but has also witnessed a staggering 7.5 million tickets sold, as reported by ticket aggregator BookMyShow.

But the enchantment doesn’t end there. SRK’s charisma has reached the national capital, where Delhi’s cinema halls are gearing up for an extraordinary 30 shows in a single day to accommodate the overwhelming demand! Imagine the level of enthusiasm this has generated. For example, Cinepolis at Pacific Mall near Netaji Subhash Place in Delhi is scheduled to run exactly 30 shows on September 7, all in 2D format. The shows start as early as 8:30 a.m., with most of them spaced just 15 minutes apart and continuing until 11:45 p.m.

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Furthermore, another major cinema chain, INOX, had to add early morning shows starting at 6:30 a.m. due to the overwhelming response, as the originally scheduled 6:40 show was already housefull.

“Wow. So 6:40 am show got almost full and now they have added a 6:30 am show of #Jawan.” – @Ankarism

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In the midst of this electrifying excitement, ‘Jawan’ has achieved a remarkable feat by selling an impressive 3,58,500 tickets across three major national chains: PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis. This milestone was reached as of Tuesday at 10 p.m., with PVR and INOX leading the charge with 2,95,000 tickets, while Cinepolis follows closely with 63,500 tickets. ‘Jawan’ has now secured the 5th spot in the list of all-time top advance bookings in the national chains and has its sights set on breaking into the top 3.

The buzz surrounding ‘Jawan’ is so tremendous that the film is expected to become SRK’s second ₹100 crore opener this year, following ‘Pathaan.’ Moreover, it has the potential to join the ₹1000 crore club in the same year for the actor. The film is available in both 2D and IMAX formats, with the most expensive ticket in Delhi being sold for a whopping Rs. 2400.

SRK’s ‘Jawan’ Creates Unprecedented Ticket Sales

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ has set the stage for a cinematic spectacle like no other. The film’s advance ticket sales have achieved unprecedented numbers, captivating the hearts of fans nationwide. The immense popularity of SRK and the anticipation surrounding ‘Jawan’ have resulted in an extraordinary rush to secure tickets for the opening day.

BookMyShow, one of India’s leading ticket aggregators, reported a jaw-dropping 7.5 million tickets sold, a testament to SRK’s enduring charm. Fans have eagerly flocked to cinemas, eager to experience the magic of ‘Jawan’ on the big screen.

Delhi’s Cinemas Go All-In for ‘Jawan’

Delhi, the nation’s capital, is at the epicenter of ‘Jawan’ fever. Cinema halls in the city are going to great lengths to accommodate the overwhelming demand from fans. Cinepolis at Pacific Mall, Netaji Subhash Place, is a prime example, with a staggering 30 shows scheduled in a single day, all in 2D format.

The excitement is palpable, with shows starting as early as 8:30 a.m. and continuing until 11:45 p.m. This relentless enthusiasm is a testament to Shah Rukh Khan’s unmatched star power and the fervor generated by ‘Jawan.’

INOX Joins the Fray with Early Morning Shows

INOX, another major cinema chain, had to respond swiftly to the overwhelming demand for ‘Jawan.’ The originally scheduled 6:40 a.m. show was already housefull, prompting INOX to add early morning shows, starting at 6:30 a.m. This move reflects the film’s unprecedented appeal and the enthusiasm of SRK’s fan base.

‘Jawan’ Breaks Records in Advance Sales

‘Jawan’ has rewritten the record books with its advance ticket sales. The film has successfully sold a remarkable 3,58,500 tickets across three major national chains: PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis. As of Tuesday at 10 p.m., PVR and INOX lead the pack with 2,95,000 tickets, while Cinepolis has sold 63,500 tickets. ‘Jawan’ now holds the 5th position in the list of all-time top advance bookings in the national chains and is poised to climb even higher.

The Path to ₹100 Crores and Beyond

The buzz surrounding ‘Jawan’ is not just limited to ticket sales; it extends to the film’s box office prospects. It is widely anticipated that ‘Jawan’ will become Shah Rukh Khan’s second ₹100 crore opener of the year, following the success of ‘Pathaan.’

Furthermore, ‘Jawan’ holds the potential to join the coveted ₹1000 crore club in the same year for the superstar. With its availability in both 2D and IMAX formats, the film offers fans a premium cinematic experience, with the most expensive ticket in Delhi priced at Rs. 2400.


Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ has ignited a cinematic revolution, setting new benchmarks in advance ticket sales and fan excitement. As the nation eagerly awaits the film’s release on September 7, it is clear that SRK’s magnetic charm and ‘Jawan’s’ compelling storyline have struck a chord with audiences across India.

With Delhi’s cinema halls running an astonishing 30 shows in a single day, the frenzy shows no signs of abating. ‘Jawan’ is not merely a film; it is an experience that promises to enthrall audiences and catapult Shah Rukh Khan to new heights in the world of Indian cinema.

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