Samajwadi Party’s Sudhakar Singh Confident of Victory in Ghosi Assembly Bypolls

In an exclusive interview with Smartkhabrinews, Samajwadi Party (SP) candidate Sudhakar Singh expressed strong confidence in his party’s victory in the upcoming Ghosi Assembly bypolls scheduled for September 5. Singh, an integral member of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) – a coalition against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), emphasized the positive impact of their alliance and his vision for the constituency.

Challenging the Outsider

Sudhakar Singh took a direct jab at his opponent, BJP candidate Dara Singh Chauhan, labeling him as an “outsider” to the constituency. He called for the people’s support to “remove him from the constituency,” asserting the slogan “Bahari Hatao, Ghosi Bachao” (remove outsiders to save Ghosi). Chauhan’s recent shift to the BJP after resigning has fueled Singh’s stance on outsiders in the electoral race.

“Who is Dara Singh Chauhan? He is an outsider and now it’s time to shove the outsiders out of constituency limits. ‘Bahari Hatao, Ghosi Bachao’ (remove outsiders to save Ghosi),” said Sudhakar Singh.

The Impact of INDIA Alliance

The Ghosi bypolls are poised to witness a significant clash between the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and the anti-BJP INDIA alliance. Sudhakar Singh expressed strong optimism in INDIA’s influence and the united front of parties aiming to protect the nation’s interests. He confidently stated, “INDIA is a big hit. With the support of all parties that have come together to save our nation, I will win Ghosi by a good margin.”

Addressing the demographics of Ghosi, which holds a diverse composition of Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Scheduled Castes (SC), and minorities, Singh assured that people from all age groups would rally behind the SP to secure victory. He expressed his commitment to prioritize the interests of Ghosi and eliminate any external influence on its governance.

Promising Development as a Priority

Singh criticized the previous administrations for the inadequate development in the constituency, labeling Ghosi as one of the most backward areas in Mau district. He pledged to initiate transformative changes, citing his successful track record when he served as an MLA from Ghosi. Singh promised comprehensive development efforts to uplift the region if he is elected.

“Governments came and went, but did nothing for Ghosi, which is still one of the most backward constituencies of Mau district. I will bring in change as I did during my regime when I was elected as an MLA from Ghosi. I will carry out extensive development work in the constituency if voted to power,” said Singh.

Loyalty to Party and People

Casting a critical spotlight on his opponent, Singh questioned Dara Singh Chauhan’s loyalty to both the political party and the public. He portrayed Chauhan as a “party hopper” with a history of switching allegiances, highlighting the inconsistency in his commitment to public service. Singh asserted that a lack of loyalty to the party implies a lack of loyalty to the constituents, branding Chauhan as someone who cannot be trusted to bring meaningful development to Ghosi.

“Those who can’t be loyal to the party can never be loyal to the people. Chauhan, being an outsider, was never loyal to the people. Barring election time, he was never seen in the constituency. Being a party hopper, he has never been loyal to any party. People of Ghosi are smart to choose the right person to bring development to their constituency,” Singh emphasized.

Allegations of Voter List Tampering

Singh also raised concerns about the fairness of the electoral process, accusing the ruling BJP of tampering with the voters’ list in Dalit-dominated localities with administrative assistance. He suggested that such actions were aimed at suppressing votes and questioned the integrity of the electoral system.


The Ghosi Assembly bypolls are set to be a battleground where the INDIA alliance faces off against the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance. Sudhakar Singh’s unwavering confidence in the INDIA alliance’s strength and his commitment to prioritizing Ghosi’s development form the core of his campaign. As the electoral showdown approaches, the fate of Ghosi hangs in the balance, with voters tasked to make a choice that could shape the trajectory of their constituency’s progress.

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