Prime Minister Narendra Modi set an example for global leaders during the 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg by displaying his respect for the Indian tricolour on a global stage. While being guided to his position by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, PM Modi spotted the national flag on the floor and immediately picked it up, placing it in his jacket’s pocket.

This act of respect was observed by President Ramaphosa, who also picked up the South African flag from the floor and handed it over to an aide. The incident was captured in a video that went viral, highlighting PM Modi’s commitment to the national flag and symbol of India.

Apart from this display of respect, PM Modi also delivered a rousing speech at the plenary session of the summit. He thanked President Ramaphosa for prioritizing the betterment and development of the Global South in the agenda for the BRICS Summit. PM Modi emphasized that India shares a similar agenda for the G20 and supports the idea of BRICS expansion.

During his speech, PM Modi shared five suggestions exploring areas of cooperation among BRICS member-states. He proposed the establishment of a BRICS Space Exploration Consortium to jointly explore space and map weather. He also suggested collaboration in fields such as conservation, traditional medicine, skill mapping, and education.

PM Modi’s suggestions showcased the potential for collaboration among BRICS nations, which represent 42% of the world’s population and 27% of the global GDP. By coming together in these areas, member-states can break barriers, revitalize economies, inspire innovations, create opportunities, and shape futures.

Overall, PM Modi’s actions and speech at the BRICS Summit demonstrated his commitment to strengthening international partnerships and furthering India’s influence on the global stage. His display of respect for the national flag resonated with leaders and citizens alike, setting an example for global leaders to show reverence for their respective flags.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s act of respect for the Indian tricolour at the 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg was commendable. His immediate action of picking up the flag and placing it in his pocket showcased his commitment to the national flag and symbol of India. This act was observed by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who followed suit and handed the flag to an aide. PM Modi’s speech at the summit also highlighted India’s support for BRICS expansion and suggested areas of cooperation among member-states.

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