Hardik Pandya’s Bowling Earns Praise from India’s Bowling Coach Paras Mhambrey

Hardik Pandya’s remarkable bowling abilities have earned him accolades from India’s bowling coach, Paras Mhambrey. Pandya’s all-round contributions have provided the perfect equilibrium to the Indian cricket team, making him an invaluable asset to the white-ball format.

A couple of years ago, Pandya suffered a back injury, which necessitated a significant recovery period. The team management diligently monitored his workload management during this time. As a result, Pandya has not participated in a Test match since 2018, focusing primarily on white-ball formats. Mhambrey commended Pandya’s fitness and expressed the importance of managing his workload to ensure his availability for crucial matches.

Mhambrey stated, “I am very happy with the way Hardik has shaped up, something that we have worked on for a long time. We have been managing his workload, making sure that he is fit and able to achieve what we expect out of him.”

“Once he hits 140 kmph, he is a different bowler. From the team’s perspective, it’s a wicket-taking option that we have,” added Mhambrey.

Mhambrey also revealed that the Indian team has embarked on a process to develop the bowling skills of some batsmen, providing additional options when needed.

Tilak Varma prominently features in this strategy. Mhambrey stated, “I have been working with Tilak since his U-19 days. We were in South Africa, and we realized he has bowling skills. We are working on it consistently.”

“If the captain gains confidence that he can bowl one over and deliver, this one over can turn into two overs. But it depends on circumstances where we need that extra bowler,” he further explained.

As of now, Varma has not found a place in the Asia Cup lineup, but there is a possibility that he might be included in the XI for the Bangladesh match if India decides to rest players to manage their workload.

Asia Cup 2023

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Team India’s Bowling Strategy

Mhambrey’s insights into Hardik Pandya’s bowling and the development of bowling skills among batsmen shed light on Team India’s strategic approach to the game. This strategy aims to create a more versatile and effective bowling unit, ultimately enhancing the team’s chances of success.

Hardik Pandya’s Fitness

Hardik Pandya’s dedication to improving his fitness after a challenging back injury has been pivotal in his resurgence as a bowler. His ability to consistently bowl at 140 kmph or more adds a valuable dimension to Team India’s bowling options.


Paras Mhambrey’s praise for Hardik Pandya’s bowling skills underscores the importance of all-round contributions in modern cricket. India’s commitment to developing bowling skills among its batsmen is a testament to the team’s forward-thinking approach and its desire to remain competitive at the highest level.

As Team India continues its journey in the Asia Cup 2023, the evolution of its bowling unit and the performances of players like Hardik Pandya and Tilak Varma will be closely watched by cricket enthusiasts around the world.

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