An old video featuring Kiara Advani and Ram Charan’s guest appearance on Rana Daggubati’s chat show has become a sensation on Reddit. The video highlights a candid moment where Rana quizzes Kiara about her familiarity with South India, given her involvement in regional cinema.

Kiara and Ram collaborated on the 2019 Telugu action drama, “Vinaya Vidheya Rama.” During their appearance on the show, Rana playfully challenges Kiara’s general knowledge about South India, considering her work in movies from that region. The video, shared on Reddit, captures an engaging interaction that sheds light on their camaraderie.

Rana light-heartedly recalls instances of actresses from North India arriving in the South without even knowing that Telugu is a language. Kiara responds with a touch of humor, referencing the impact of the iconic movie “Baahubali” on Telugu’s recognition. The conversation takes a playful turn as Rana tests Kiara’s awareness of the four South Indian states and languages.

With a hint of laughter, Kiara lists the states as Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. However, she misses mentioning Kerala, leading to lighthearted laughter from both Ram and Rana. The video captures the warmth and genuine interactions between the actors.

The Reddit comment section reflects various perspectives. One user playfully points out the omission, suggesting that there are five states and four languages in South India. Another comment emphasizes the effort that actors put into learning languages for broader audiences, highlighting the importance of language awareness in performing arts.

The article also touches on Kiara and Ram’s upcoming collaboration. The film’s production has faced delays due to various reasons, including Shankar’s involvement in two major projects simultaneously. Shankar is currently working on “Indian 2” with Kamal Haasan and “Game Changer” with Ram Charan. The scheduling complexities for both films have contributed to the delay.

“Game Changer” is expected to feature Ram Charan in the role of an IAS officer. The film’s ensemble cast includes Anjali, SJ Suryah, Jayaram, Samuthirakani, Sunil, Srikanth, and Nassar, each in significant roles.

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