Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar: Win Big with the New GST Invoice Incentive Scheme

Are you ready to turn your receipts into rewards? The Indian government is set to launch an exciting GST scheme that could see you winning cash prizes of up to Rs 1 crore! Known as ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’, this innovative initiative kicks off on September 1st and offers individuals a chance to win big by simply uploading their GST invoices for purchases worth Rs 200 or more. It’s time to make the most out of your bills and stand a chance to walk away with amazing cash rewards.

Introducing ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’

The government, in collaboration with state governments, is launching the ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’ scheme to promote the practice of customers requesting invoices for all their purchases. This initiative aims to cultivate a culture of transparency and accountability in transactions. The scheme’s official launch is scheduled for September 1st, and it will initially roll out as a pilot program in Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, and the Union Territories of Puducherry, Dadra Nagar Haveli, and Daman and Diu.

How Does It Work?

Getting in on the action is simple. Any B2C invoice issued by GST-registered suppliers in the aforementioned states and union territories for purchases of Rs 200 or more will qualify for the scheme. All you need to do is upload these invoices through the ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’ mobile application, available on both IOS and Android platforms, or on the web portal ‘’.

Individuals have the opportunity to upload up to 25 invoices per month. Upon each successful upload, an acknowledgement reference number (ARN) will be generated. This number plays a crucial role in the prize draw process.

Eligibility and Prizes

All B2C invoices from the previous month that are uploaded by the 5th of the following month will be considered for the monthly prize draw. The scheme boasts both monthly and quarterly draws, with enticing cash rewards at stake. The minimum value of each invoice for entry into the lucky draw is Rs 200.

For those who dream big, the quarterly bumper prize draw is where the excitement peaks. This draw encompasses invoices uploaded during the last three months leading up to the 5th of the bumper draw month. The quarterly prizes include an incredible Rs 1 crore jackpot, making it an opportunity of a lifetime.

The rewards don’t stop there. Each month, 800 lucky winners will receive cash prizes of Rs 10,000, and there will also be 10 prizes of Rs 10 lakh each. This means multiple chances to win and ample incentives to participate.

Claiming Your Prize

If luck favors you and your invoice is drawn, you’ll receive an SMS or push notification on the app or web portal. Winners will then have 30 days to provide their PAN number, Aadhaar number, bank account details, and other necessary information through the app or portal. This ensures a seamless process for claiming your well-deserved reward.

A Year of Opportunities

The pilot scheme is set to run for a year, providing individuals with 12 months of thrilling opportunities to win big. Whether you’re a regular shopper or a business owner, ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’ gives everyone a fair chance to turn their invoices into significant cash prizes.


The ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’ GST Invoice Incentive Scheme is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to encourage transparency and accountability in transactions. By rewarding individuals for requesting and providing invoices, the scheme is set to make a positive impact on the way business is conducted. So, get ready to transform your shopping receipts into potential fortunes, starting from September 1st. Join the ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’ movement, and who knows? You might just be the next lucky winner of the remarkable Rs 1 crore prize!

Key Highlights
Scheme Name Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar
Launch Date September 1st
Eligibility Residents of Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Puducherry, Dadra Nagar Haveli, and Daman and Diu
Minimum Invoice Value Rs 200
Maximum Monthly Uploads 25 Invoices
Monthly Prize Draws 800 cash prizes of Rs 10,000 and 10 prizes of Rs 10 lakh
Quarterly Bumper Prize 2 prizes of Rs 1 crore
Claim Period 30 days from notification
Pilot Scheme Duration 12 months

“Turn your everyday invoices into extraordinary rewards with the ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikaar’ scheme. Don’t miss this chance to win big while promoting transparency in transactions!”

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