The Price of LPG Cylinders Drops Again

Today, the price of gas cylinders has once again been reduced, but this time it applies to commercial LPG cylinders. Government oil companies have updated the prices for both domestic and commercial-use cylinders as of September 1. This revision brings the cost of an LPG cylinder in New Delhi to Rs 1522.50, down from the previous high of Rs 1780 on July 4. This price reduction follows a significant announcement from the union cabinet on August 30, which saw domestic LPG cylinder prices drop by Rs 200.

“The price of LPG cylinders has seen major changes, benefiting consumers.”

Domestic LPG Cylinder Prices

As a result of the government’s recent decision, there have been significant adjustments in the prices of 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinders. In the capital city of Delhi, these cylinders are now available for Rs 903, offering customers a savings of Rs 200 compared to previous prices.

19-Kg Commercial Cylinder Prices

On September 1, the price of a 19-Kg commercial cylinder saw a reduction of Rs 157. In Delhi, the commercial cylinder now costs Rs 1522.50, down from Rs 1680. Similar reductions can be seen in other major cities. In Kolkata, the cylinder price decreased to Rs 1636 from Rs 1802.50, while in Mumbai, it dropped to Rs 1482 from Rs 1640.50. Chennai also experienced a price cut, with the commercial gas cylinder now available for Rs 1695 instead of Rs 1852.50.

Current Rates for Domestic Gas Cylinders

Here are the latest rates for domestic LPG cylinders in major Indian cities:

City Price (Rs)
Delhi 903
Kolkata 929
Mumbai 902.50
Chennai 918.50

The government’s announcement on the evening of August 29 regarding the Rs 200 reduction in domestic gas cylinder prices came into effect on August 30. This reduction will provide a substantial benefit to over 10 crore people covered under the Ujjwala scheme, as they were already receiving a subsidy of Rs 200.

Stay Informed about LPG Prices

If you want to stay updated on the latest LPG prices, you can visit the Indian Oil Corporation’s website. There, you can find the updated rates for LPG as well as other petroleum products such as jet fuel, auto gas, and kerosene.

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