The feud between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and filmmaker Karan Johar has been no secret. For years, Kangana has openly criticized KJo and his films, accusing him of promoting nepotism in the industry. In response, Karan has made it clear that he does not want to work with Kangana. However, there seems to be a possibility of a patch-up between the two as Karan Johar recently hinted at his excitement to watch Kangana’s upcoming movie, Emergency.

During a recent interview, Karan was asked if he would ever consider making a film about a political event. In response, he mentioned Kangana’s political drama, Emergency, and expressed his excitement to watch it. This comment from Karan comes six years after Kangana appeared on his chat show, Koffee With Karan, and referred to him as a “movie mafia.” Since then, Kangana has frequently taken jabs at Karan on social media.

Earlier this month, Kangana Ranaut made headlines when she took a dig at Karan Johar for his film, Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani. She criticized him for his previous statement about using PR to manipulate the box office status of a film. Kangana questioned whether Karan only made his films successful through PR and negative PR for others’ films. These remarks ignited a fresh round of exchanges between the two.

Despite their turbulent history, Karan Johar’s recent comment about being excited to watch Kangana’s film hints at a potential reconciliation. It remains to be seen whether this will lead to a patch-up or if the animosity between them will continue.

This news has generated significant buzz among fans and the media, with many curious to witness how this potential patch-up unfolds. Both Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar are influential figures in the Indian film industry, and their relationship has been followed closely by the public.

In conclusion, the ongoing feud between Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar might finally reach a resolution as the filmmaker expresses his excitement to watch Kangana’s upcoming movie, Emergency. Only time will tell if this hints at a possible patch-up between the two or if the clashes will persist.

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