Google’s ‘Jawan’ Easter Eggs Delight Shah Rukh Khan Fans

Not just Shah Rukh Khan fans but even Google is celebrating the release of ‘Jawan.’ Don’t believe us? The all-new Jawan Easter Eggs are proof. For those who don’t know, Google has added Easter eggs into many of its products and services even before. Easter eggs are hidden features inserted into media. On searching, ‘Jawan’, SRK would answer the walkie-talkie that is appearing on the screen. He would say, “Ready.”

“Yes, you will now be able to speak to our very own ‘Jawan.’ Also, your browser gets all bandaged up as you speak with your favorite. ‘lol if you search ‘jawan’ on google, then a smol walkie-talkie appears. and if you press that, srk says ‘ready’ and your browser page gets bandaged up,’ wrote ‘X’ user Pramit as he shared the great news.”

Here, have a look:

Feature Description
Search Term ‘jawan’
Hidden Easter Egg Smol walkie-talkie
Action SRK says ‘Ready’
Result Browser page gets bandaged up

“This is so cool… Never before anything like this for a Bollywood film… really cool,” wrote an ‘X’ user. Another person wrote, “What a stress reliever…trying to cover the whole screen with the bandages. I’m at peace, now.”

Meanwhile, during the release of Barbie, Google enabled its ‘Easter Eggs’ feature for the page of Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling. When you typed, “Greta Gerwig,” “Margot Robbie,” and “Ryan Gosling,” you would see the screen turning pink and all sparkly. Pink confetti-like pieces form on the screen and become bigger. It was just a special feature paying homage to the movie.

Fun with Google’s Easter Eggs

Just some time back, Google gave a special reference to the Friends cast, celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary. When people typed the names of the main characters on Google, they saw a specialized icon just below their name on the right-hand corner of your screen. For instance, there was a sofa set for Ross, a bucket and mop for Monica, a wig for Rachel, pizza for Joey, a reclining sofa for Chandler, and a guitar for Phoebe.


Google’s Easter Eggs have been delighting users by adding an extra layer of fun and surprise to their search experience. With ‘Jawan,’ SRK fans can now enjoy a unique interaction with their favorite star while witnessing their browser transform into a bandaged wonderland. These playful touches by Google remind us that even in the digital world, there’s always room for a little magic and entertainment.

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