G20 Summit to Disrupt Delhi’s Air and Road Traffic

The eagerly awaited G20 Summit is poised to commence on September 9 at the prestigious Pragati Maidan venue in Delhi. Over the course of two days, this high-profile event is expected to bring significant changes to the city’s air and road traffic patterns, mainly due to the presence of VIP dignitaries.

G20 Airport Security Measures

If you’re a traveler with plans to fly in or out of Delhi between September 8 and 10, whether for domestic or international flights, it’s strongly recommended that you factor in additional time for your journey. The reason being, the roads surrounding Aerocity, where the G20 Summit is scheduled to take place, will be subject to multiple security checkpoints. These security measures are put in place to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic, but they may lead to potential delays for airport-bound passengers.

Traffic Diversions During the G20 Summit

According to a recent report, comprehensive traffic diversions are anticipated across the national capital during the G20 Summit. These diversions are necessary to facilitate the secure movement of delegates and VIPs throughout the city. One noteworthy detail is that international delegates will have a separate exit gate at the airport to ensure a seamless transition without inconveniencing regular passengers.

“The delegation, arriving from overseas locations, will enjoy a dedicated exit gate, streamlining their airport experience and minimizing any disruptions to fellow travelers,” shared a source familiar with the security arrangements.

Reports indicate that a special flight carrying the dignitaries participating in the G20 Summit is scheduled to arrive in Delhi on September 8, marking the beginning of the event.

Arrival and Departure Changes Due to G20

In light of the heightened security measures required for the G20 Summit, airport authorities in Delhi have received a request from top-level management to make adjustments to the flight schedule. As a result, around 80 arrivals and 80 departures at the Delhi airport are slated for cancellation. These changes have been implemented to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the summit.

Minimizing Impact on Regular Flyers

The authorities overseeing the G20 Summit are actively collaborating with various airlines to mitigate the impact on regularly scheduled flights during the event. While adjustments are being made to the flight schedule, passengers are strongly advised to verify the status of their flights, especially those slated between September 8 and 10, before leaving for the airport.

Ensuring a seamless travel experience for all passengers remains a priority, and steps are being taken to strike a balance between the needs of the G20 Summit and the convenience of everyday travelers.

In conclusion, as the G20 Summit approaches, Delhi’s air and road traffic are poised for temporary disruptions due to enhanced security measures and diversions. Travelers are urged to stay informed, plan their journeys accordingly, and allow for extra travel time to navigate any potential delays and ensure a smooth travel experience.

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