Empowered Committee Recommends Measures to Reduce Stress for Coaching Students

A high-level empowered committee in Kota, Rajasthan, has made significant recommendations to help reduce stress and create a more student-friendly environment for coaching students. The committee, formed by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in response to the rising number of suicides among NEET and JEE aspirants in the city, recently held a marathon meeting with experts and representatives from various organizations. Here’s a closer look at the committee’s recommendations and the efforts being made to support students.

Seeking Solutions through Collaboration

The committee, headed by Bhawani Singh Detha, Principal Secretary (higher and technical education), conducted its first meeting since its formation. This extensive meeting, which lasted for over 8 hours, involved stakeholders from different fields. The participants included experts, social welfare organizations, and representatives from spiritual and yoga communities. Their collective goal was to brainstorm solutions to address the alarming issue of student suicides among those attending coaching institutes in Kota.

“This recommendation came after a marathon meeting of the state-level committee with experts and representatives of social welfare organisations, and spiritual and yoga communities to seek their suggestions on checking suicides by coaching students here,”

Kota District Collector OP Bunker, who spoke to the media after the meeting, emphasized the importance of seeking input from various sectors to tackle this complex problem. The committee was proactive in engaging with these stakeholders to gain valuable insights and recommendations.

Preventing Suicides and Reducing Stress

Based on the recommendations received during the marathon meeting, the state-level committee will compile a comprehensive report. This report will outline the proposed measures and strategies to reduce stress among coaching students and prevent suicides. It is a critical step in addressing this pressing issue.

One of the concerns raised during the meeting was the fees charged by coaching institutes. However, the collector clarified that the government couldn’t directly intervene in this matter, as the fee structure was a contractual agreement between students and the institutes.

Simultaneously, a state-level team is conducting health surveys at all coaching institutes in Kota. Approximately 80% of students have completed a health form provided by these teams. This information is being used to identify students with potential mental health concerns, who are then referred for counseling.

Focus on Critical Cases

The authorities are paying special attention to students who exhibit critical symptoms or signs of distress. In such cases, parents are being urged to come to Kota to support their children. If, during the second round of counseling, students are still deemed unfit, they will be sent home with their parents. This approach prioritizes the well-being of students and ensures they receive the necessary care.

Reassessing Testing Procedures

During the meeting, the suspension of regular tests at coaching institutes for two months was discussed. Parents recommended that tests were essential for evaluating students, and authorities are considering revamping the testing system before resuming it. This adjustment aims to strike a balance between academic evaluation and student well-being.

Proposed Regulation of Coaching Institutes

As part of the ongoing efforts to address the issue, the authorities are also considering the introduction of an Act to regulate coaching institutes. Currently, there are no provisions to impose fines or take action against coaching institutes for any violations. This potential regulation would bring accountability to these institutions and ensure the safety and well-being of students.

It’s worth noting that members of the high-level committee declined to provide comments to the media, indicating the sensitivity and seriousness of the issue at hand.

Support for Those in Need

If you or someone you know is in need of help or support, there are helplines available:

Aasra (Mumbai) 022-27546669
Sneha (Chennai) 044-24640050
Sumaitri (Delhi) 011-23389090
Cooj (Goa) 0832-2252525
Jeevan (Jamshedpur) 065-76453841
Pratheeksha (Kochi) 048-42448830
Maithri (Kochi) 0484-2540530
Roshni (Hyderabad) 040-66202000
Lifeline (Kolkata) 033-64643267

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